HAIR CARE ROUTINE| how I dyed my hair from brown to blonde| natural| vegan


Hey guys, I hope you enjoy this video on how I dyed my hair from dark brown to blonde and how I keep it healthy with only using natural vegan products!
Shampoo/ conditioner-

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  1. Gosh your hair is gorgeous! I’m about to bleach my hair when I end 16 (in like 2 months) and I’m so happy yet so stressed, since I want it to look as natural as yours. So happy I found your video about Haircare r

  2. Chamomile tee after washing your hair is amazing, it makes it stronger, lighter and is super healthy for your hair ✨✨ just at the end of of your shower, wash your hair down with Chamomile and you’re done 🙂

  3. Phoebe…I know this is off topic but I just wanted to say because of your diet, make sure to get enough calcium with supplements if necessary. A coworkers wife is vegan & she broke bones in her foot just walking at her work. Her bones weren't strong enough because her diet. She had a very long recovery. She had to take calcium supplements. Dont mean to tell you what to do, just passing on some possibly useful info. Take care…

  4. Please can you film a yoga video . Like a follow along video. Also would you be able to do a playlist video ? I absolutely love the type of music you use in your videos and would love to know more type of music like this

  5. tout sur le cheveux. le blond vous réussit a merveille c'est plus doux moins aride que le brun. les abeilles font aussi du miel blonde vous passez votre vie sous la douche dedans dehors !!! je suis en train de déménager- aménager 800 mètres plus loin. il faut que j'apprenne a me servir de la douche il y a la même que chez vous ici. vu le 17 mars


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