Hair Care Routine + Tips For Growing Healthy Long Hair! | Hello October


Grab a cup of tea, in this one I'm chatting all about how I look after and style my hair, as well as my top tips for growing long and healthy locks!

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Instagram: @Hellooctoberxo

Foundation: Laura Mercier Silk Cream Photo Edition Foundation (Bamboo Beige)
Concealer: Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer (Vanilla) Estee Lauder Brush On Glow BB Highlighter*
Eyeshadow: Clarins Ombre Iridescente Eyeshadow
Eye Liner: Collection Fast Stroke Liquid Liner
Mascara: Aerin Lengthening & Volumising Mascara
Brows: Bobbi Brown Brow Kit*
Bronzer: Soap & Glory Solar Powder
Lips: Clarins Instant Light Lip Balm Perfecter (01)
Nails: Nothing (CBA babes)

Styling Video:
L'OrΓ©al Paris Elvive Colour Protect Caring Shampoo & Conditioner
Bumble & Bumble Invisible Oil Shampoo & Conditioner
L'Oreal Ever Riche Shampoo & Conditioner
Dove Conditioner – *The Dove line has actually changed and this is now available in a slightly different form – can't vouch for how good it is though!*
SachaJuan Hair Repair
Bumble & Bumble Invisible Oil Hair Primer
L'OrΓ©al Paris Elvive Colour Protect Conditioning Protect Spray
Oribe Maximista Thickening Spray
L'Oreal Studio Host Straight Cream
L'Oreal Elnett Volumising Hair Spray
Liz Earl Botanical Shine Nourishing Hair Oil
Wet Brush
Tangle Teezer
GHD Wonderland V Styler


Filming & Photography: Canon 600D for filming and blog photos. 50mm lens normally used. Canon EOSM used for vlogging. One studio light used (it's winter so I now have to use at least one – grrr).

Dog Questions: My dogs name is Nala. She's a Pomeranian x Chihuahua cross and is almost fully grown. You won't really see her getting any bigger than this!

Piercings and Tattoos: I have three forward helix piercings, three lobe piercings and my tragus pierced (and yes, they did hurt) and a nose piercing which I frequently take in and out at the moment. I have a few visible tattoos, and a lot of hidden ones.

Disclaimer: This video contains no sponsored content. Occasionally I am sent products for review but they will only be featured if I truly like them and use them regularly. If these appear in a video they will be marked above with a “*”. Everything else has been paid for with my own hard earned pennies.




  1. I love your hair! I share the same length as yours but mine is naturally black. I always wanted to dye my hair to brunette but I'm so scared it'd hurt my hair! I once had very damaged hair but now it've recovered but I still don't want to do anything harmful to it again. These are great tips!

  2. If you use repairing/strengthening products too frequently it will strengthen your hair too much and it will become dry/ brittle and snap off! It's the same with overusing nail strengtheners, your nails will get too hard and break πŸ™‚

  3. Great video! I had to chop my hair off to just above my shoulders because of heat damage.. I never used a protectant and used a new straightener too hot and burned off hair.. Lol. Luckily I have really thick hair so you couldn't tell much but I'm a heat protector freak now.

  4. Suzie!! This was super informative! I don't put all that much product on my hair but this really made me want to try out the ones you mentioned. Also, you're like one of the few people I can watch a straight up "talky" video of and not even feel like it's been 15 mins. lol.

  5. Yes your hair is gorgeous! You look amazing with your natural hair, people spend so long getting that texture and you have it naturally! Babe <3 <3
    The L'Oreal Ever Riche line is one of my favourites as well πŸ™‚

  6. My hair looks exactly like your's right now and I've been using "it's a 10" for about 10 years or so. I'm not sure if you can get that product in the UK but it's amazing!!!! I highly recommend it.

  7. This really inspires me to get into haircare as I'm much more of a makeup and skincare gal, I have naturally straight hair so I usually just wash it then let it air-dry and throw it up in a bun. Definitely going to try out the Hair Repair and Liz Earle Hair Oil (didn't even know she made hair products!) as I really trust your opinion πŸ™‚Β β™₯

  8. I don't brush my hair either it's curly but I straighten it most of the time & I just can't brush it so every time someone touches it I feel embarrassed that they will feel tangles


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