Hair care routine


Pantene prov – Hair fall control shampoo
Pantene prov – Hair fall control conditioner
Toni & Guy – Detox shampoo
Toni & Guy – Daily detox conditoner
SH-RD – Protein cream
Vatika – Enriched coconut oil
Parachute – Coconut oil

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  1. I like all your points, especially the one on lathering. So many of us think that the more suds, the better, but I personally find it more economic to split the product in 4 and just add water to each part. So in that way, you're reducing the amount of lather and diluting the chemicals present.

  2. is the vatika product colored? I am blonde so I have to be conscious of things I put in my hair if they have color…I just started using coconut oil on my hair 🙂 It is naturally very curly, so it helps a lot

  3. I whant "naveen" hair style 😀

    if you have dry coarse curly hair – what leave in to use to control it ..?? to make it silk ;D – and how do i use Parachute Coconut Oil ?? 😀

  4. I think I bought the protein cream at $25.00. There are many different type of heat protectant avalible in watsons and SASA. I am not able to tell you which one works as I do not use heat protectant. I use leave-in conditioner instead when i iron my hair. It works well for me even in this humid weather.

  5. hi uma! much did u buy the protein cream for??and can u recommend any good heat protectants we can get her??cos i straighten my fringe alot with a flat iron..and i think with the weather in s'pore,it's ok to wear the heat protectant and go out even on days i dont straighten my hair..cos it's soooo hot!!!what do u think???

  6. Hi Uma!!!! I've heard that coconut oil has sunscreens in it too. Maybe that's why traditional indian women who use coconut oil regularly have very black hair- the sun can't bleach it! I actually use the Parachute Oil with Hibiscus. It smells amazing!!!!!! It's such a light oil, It's even great for your body! Is Amla the same as Hibiscus? Is your hair rebonded or naturally straight? Great Vid and great tip on the parting bit! And wht brand is the protein cream? Thanks!


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