Holo Chrome – Unicorn Holographic Pigment


Suzie tries out dazzling Unicorn Chrome – and LOVES it!

Products Featured in this Video:

The ShineE Gel No Wipe Top Coat
Exclusive Nail Couture

Unicorn Chrome – Magic Hologram Pigment
Exclusive Nail Couture
When purchasing, use the link below and the discount code: Suzieunicorn


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  1. OK I have a serious question because every time I go into what’s the lawn they say this is not possible can you put Any sort of glitter topcoat over the powders like with that you go in and get chrome powder’s then you wanna put like a glitter on top of it is that possible they say that when she put the powder on you can’t put anything else on top except for the Topcoat to steal it


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