HOLO TACO 🖤 2 Colors = 5 Easy Black and White Nail Polish Nail Art Designs


I LOVE playing with nail polish. With Holo Tacos high pigment colors you can easily create these designs with the help of my Pro Tips.

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Featured in this video:
Halo Taco Nail Polish

Ugly Duckling Crystal Tip Display


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Thanks to the talented composers, musicians and producers who created the music used in this video!
00.00 Spring Twilight by George Georgia ✫
00.25 Back to Front by Tom Quick
02.26 Fantasy Island by Terry Devine-King ✫
04.09 Silver Sunrays by George Georgia ✫
05.47 Fluid by Tom Quick | Sara Garvey ANW ✫
07.25 Midnight In London by George Georgia ✫
08.33 Spring Choir by Alex Arcoleo | Josh Oliver ✫

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  1. This video kind of made me anxious with the amount of nailpolish and topcoat Suzie was using. It will take a lifetime for those layers to dry in real.
    Anyways, love Suzie❤️ sometimes she gets carried away too.

  2. Suzie and I are on the same wavelength! I just did a super cool monochrome dotticure using Holo Taco, the only difference being that I used a gray base color (not Holo Taco, natch). The Not Milky White is perfect for nail art…so opaque.

  3. Yup!
    And when I do my nail it’s such a relaxing task. Because when everything else isn’t going quite right or things are out of control, painting polish on nails and looking at the finish product makes things feel good again.

  4. Another chill video with Suzie! I love these designs, especially the marble and french tip with the reverse dotticure. I will give these a try in the future! Thanks for this and can't wait to learn more from your videos!

  5. Would Love to see you do a design with stripping tape on the nail permanently suzie. No matter how I do a tape design so far even cutting the tape just off from the edges it starts peeling off within a few days. Love the designs you have just done. Simple but effective.


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