Holographic Powder


Suzie tries a new Holographic Powder. The technique for application is a bit different than Chrome Powders, and Suzie shows how it’s done.

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Products used in this video:

Gel Polish #034, Holographic Powder, The Shinee Gel

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  1. I've never heard of applying a holographic pigment with a brush but it seems to work beautifully for you but I know there are definitely some holographic pigments out there that you don't need a brush for it and you can just smooth on with an eyeshadow applicator

  2. Hi.. im from India! A gazillion miles away from you! And i love your videos! Best i have seen so far. Are you a Leo ? What's your zodiac? Always wanted to know! P.s. love the glamorous nails you do

  3. Hey Suzie !Will this lamp work for the happy gel? I know on the website it says it isn't for builder gel. And if not what would be a good lamp and what wattage? Also does the base coat affect the end color at all? I'm watching this video a little later so is your code still valid?


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