How French women wear perfume & how to apply it | “Parisian chic” | Justine Leconte


Why is French perfume so famous? (Grasse, mimosa, tuberose, orange blossom…)
Chanel number 5 and modern perfumes.
What is the difference between parfum, eau de parfum and eau de toilette?
How to apply perfume the French way?
Which perfume do French women actually wear?
How is perfume integrated in the French beauty routine?

My main perfumes:
Chloé eau de toilette (younger, good for the office)
See by Chloé (very light, summer-like)
Chanel n°5 eau de toilette (to be the boss)
Yves Saint Laurent YSL (great basic)
Yves Saint Laurent Paris (bottle empty but a great “basic”)
Yves Saint Laurent Opium (very heavy!)

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  1. I personally don't like wearing perfume that is really popular and a lot of others wear. Makes me feel generic. That's why I don't get how certain perfumes just keep on selling like Chanel no5

  2. Bonjour Justine and congrats for your page!!You re so sweet!!Well my first perfum was Diorissimo long ago, later on I was using Opium,after that an Oscar de la Renta and now I m in love with Alien by Tiery Mugler,it suits me very much and lasts forever on me!! Alore bonne journee et je suis tres heureuse d avoir trouve votre page!!!Merci <3

  3. My dad bought me a HUGE basket one Christmas & I loathed the scent so I took it back & intuitively chose Coco Chanel. I have others (one woman introduced me to Hermes oh my word! so I have small bottles of 2 of those). Then my late husband took me to a department store and "made me" splurge on a bottle of the real live Coco parfum. $100 15 years ago but I keep it in its tiny little light-proof box and it's evaporated just a little but it hasn't gone bad. It's just difficult to wear in Florida so (whether it's a "sin" or not) I barely touch the dropper to my cancer pic scar line & that's it. And boy, do I "fill a room." 😉

  4. In high school I wore a scent called Navy I liked the smell and it was in my budget (cheap) as well as easy to find. I love wearing a scent with the Pua flower but it is difficult to find. The majority of the time I wear Jadore, but recently I was given a bottle of Beautiful Belle. I love all 3 notes of Beautiful Belle.

  5. Thanks, Justine. Great video. I am a Frenchie and I again went to visit Grasse near Nice and St Paul de Vence taking my daughters there. It is quite wonderful. You can actually visit a factory and they show you the whole process as well as how they make soaps in different shapes. A wonderful place to go on vacation.

  6. I like 3 traditional perfunes and then I use assorted oils in between. Ombre Rose…kind of cheap but its the only fragrance I ever wore men stopped me to compliment. Second Coco by Chanel and last White Linen by Estee Lauder.

  7. Justine thank you for such an informative video. Before she married my father and has children my mother had worked in Nice for 3 mo. Growing up she had this huge bottle of Lavine perfume that she only wore on very special occasions. She taught us the pulse point method of applying perfume.

    Now I switch between 2. Coco Mademoiselle and Gucci Flora. I still love love lighter sweeter floral fragrances, but I feel I have outgrown even sweeter ones like V&R Flowerbomb which I used to love about 5 yrs ago.

  8. My favourite for the past 5 years has been Givenchy le parfum Ange ou Demon et son accorde illicite, it is unfortunately hard to find these days, so I switched ( after much research) to Tom Ford Velvet Orchid, it has an oriental vibe that I like now, and I am in my late 30's.

  9. I've always wondered this… how can one apply perfume to more than one spot on their body (e.g. both wrists, both inner elbows, beneath. both ears) without either rubbing it, or using a squirt for each part, and thus smelling way too strong??

  10. My perfume is Montale, Rose Musk. Love it for the longevity and for the veil that leaves when I walk. My husband loves it as well. It is my signature at the moment. Everyone knows that I was there, just by recognizing the smell of this perfume. Love this video; there are a few youtubers that actually put some effort in the content of their videos.

  11. I'm from Turkey and i am using Chloe parfum. When i saw the title and opened the video, i thought that chloe must be at this list.

    Thank you for verifying me, because Chloe deserves this.

    Very informative video, i liked it!

  12. My first very own perfume was green tea by Elizabeth Arden, giving by my first boyfriend's cousin who lived in US. It was 2004 in a small city of China. I still remember the little leave on the bottle and how did I feel every time when I use it. Now it's more than 14 years and I've traveled over 6 continents, still appreciate the sweet first spritz from the little bottle.


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