How to Apply Acrylic Nails on Yourself


This in-depth Nail Career Education demonstration shows nail technicians how to perform an acrylic application on their own dominant hands.

0:00 – Prepping: move your finger, not the drill
0:50 – Application: flattening is the trick of a good fill
2:56 – Refining Wonky form
4:04 – Filing & Shaping: use a low setting on your drill
5:40 – Hand Filing for Smoothness
6:28 – Polish: using two colors
7:00 – Topcoat, and We’re done! Thanks Tiffany!




  1. Susie… I used to be a Cosmetologist many moons ago. I would love to start doing my own nails the nail tech the one that I have been seeing won’t do my nails the way that I like….my question is that would I be able to buy your kit or is that for nail techs only ? I love the design you did where the nails looked like lace stockings I asked the tech that I see if she could do that design and she said that it was too complicated for her to do….I had to fight with her about doing the almond shape

  2. hey suzie … m a big fan of ur channel … o really love taking nail education from u..
    . but in few episodes i have seen mononer bottle as u r using in dis 1… I dnt know wad it's calld
    cn u plz hlp me wid d name of d bottle type

  3. i need help on two things please watching u got me into doing my own nails iv go everything u can think of for doing nails dcorating them i only use cheap things thow has im in uk money tight the peoblems iv got if i use nail forms thye just snap on me so i use tips put acrylic over but for some reasion my nails alway look to wide fat no matter how muct i fill them dow i would look to no what im doiing wrong pleas e has my dauthers wedding comeing upo on 23rf august i need to be able to do my nails perfect PL;EASE HELP ME

  4. I love your videos so much. You are such a huge help in my nail journey and I appreciate you so much because a lot of professional nail techs want people to pay a lot of money to learn, while you give out so much knowledge for free. Thank you❤️

  5. I've seen where some techs push the product upward and seen some where they place it at the top pull it downward, which one is the best method for beginners to do on themselves??

  6. Suzi, how do you get your ball of acrylic like dough/. I'm just starting to get into applying my own acrylics, but every ball of powder i pick up is hard to mold and it does not have the same dough like texture that yours does. I feel like I'm getting better at my liquid to powder ratio, but I have a hard time moving the acryllic. Thanks for any advice you can offer.

  7. My name is Katherine Grassie. I am your biggest fan! My birthday is January 23, I will be 22 years old, and my birthday wish would be to get one of your nail kits signed by you! Much love to you all the way from Munford Tennessee!!

  8. On your playlists, I often find myself hunting, hunting, hunting to find a video for what I need.

    Could you (in your non-existent spare time! LOL) possibly re-categorize the videos? For example: the very, very basic instruction videos for absolute babes in the craft on one, another on "tools of the trade" and how to use/care for them as well as how to set them up a home DIY nail station, the various media used in nail art (gel/acrylic, glittery gel/acrylic, gel polish vs "regular" nail polish & mix/match them, etc., etc., etc.; to more easily find precisely what a person is looking for.

    I absolutely LOVE this channel. I've learned more here in just a few months than I'd learned in years! before.

    Thank you SO much for doing this!

  9. You are absolutely fantastic at explaining the techniques and your voice is so soothing! Can you just read a book to us? Ha! Thank you for the amazing tutorials!


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