How to Apply Acrylic Using Your Opposite Hand – 10 Pro Tips for Success


Suzie shares her Ten Tips on how to apply Acrylic Nails on your Non-Dominant or Opposite Hand. This is a detailed step by step tutorial.

Products Featured in this Video:

O•P•I FreeForms

Mosaic Nail Forms
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petit Macaroon, licorice (oval 8) Brush – Exclusive Nail Couture

Kupa ManiPro Passport E-file

Jessica Phenomen Oil
Jessica Nails UK:

Dare to Wear Nail Lacquer – LECHAT

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  1. Thank you for making this video. I have been doing my own nails for about 3 years… it is hard to get my right hand to look as nice. I keep thinking someday I’ll be as good as SUZIE. I have tried one big bead….an that was a nightmare lol. I think you did an amazing job.

  2. I did my own acrylic nails last Saturday. They didn't turn out too badly but I did get a residential nail drill from Amazon and a practice hand to get over the awkward movements I found this to be. I absolutely love watching your videos, even if I never get terribly adventurous in doing my own nails it's wonderful watching you.

  3. You should do a video on “fixing your acrylic mistakes” like you show us how to fix a lumpy acrylic application and how to add more acrylic to fill in spots without making them too thick. Thanks!

  4. I’ve been a long time viewer and I like to go back and watch ur older videos but this gets me every time. Is the point of doing an acrylic to have the nail go from thin at the cuticle to thick at the nail tip?

  5. You are the only tech that i love to watch, especially doing the less dominant hand or even our dominant one too. You make us all feel so much more confident when trying it our selves, go slowly but surely, little blobs at a time, file down any bumps. You are such a wonderful cheerful person. Love ya ….Cheryl from UK xxxxx

  6. Thank you so much for your splendid tutorials. I’ve been doing my nails for 21 years and it got to a point where the UV light did some damage to my nails and fingers so I’ve had to rest my nails and I am beginning to do acrylic nails on my own. Little by little I’ve learned show much from you. God bless you!!! You seem like such a lovely woman of God who makes other women look good. Have a wonderful day and may your career be extended to other nations.

  7. Oh my god I just magically came across your channel and I am in awe I love nails I want to start my own business you are teaching me so much I just need a little more practice With my left hand in a new subscriber thank you.


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