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This, the 3rd film in my #foundationcourse series, is a basic guide to the best and most practical ways of applying foundation. The easiest ways to achieve a flawless and natural looking base X

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  1. I have seborrheic dermatitis (my skin is flaky and sensitive) and my preferred method is just using my fingers. I've tried to use brushes and sponges and they tend to accentuate flakiness (especially brushes) while my fingers are much gentler and the flakiness isn't really accentuated. I do use facial peelings but I have a skin condition and my skin tends to become fastly covered with small flakes. That's why I don't use brushes, sometimes sponge but still prefer using fingers for applying liquid foundation. 😉

  2. Watching this in 2018 and I love it !!! It’s sad how Instagram and YouTube changed the real beauty of makeup. She’s absolutely right in everything she said !!! Applying too much foundation is not pretty and also not good for the skin. I remember when I was young and didn’t apply it my skin was gorgeous. Now I apply not much and my skin has issues. Thank u soooooo much for the remainder

  3. Can you do a video on how to cover stuble? or black areas that can still be seen after shaving? i get excessive hair growth and i think if i ever did better makeup for interviews or for work id need to cover my whole chin area up to the apples of my cheeks because it grows all way up to there and i can't shave every single day and my skin needs at least 2/3 days until it's okay to shave again, id probably need to put the same amount of foundation on the rest of my face to match the bottom half of my face too, i've watched other videos but it's still not helpful because they go into like full on color correcting concealers of god knows what colors lol but i sitll dunno what they did,.

    Would you ask a male model in with stubble that goes all around the lower half of the face up to the cheeks so then us girls can see how to cover it when we can start to see it growing back after a day and a half? with me that's how long it takes until i can start to see it and feel it then after 2 and a half days it's growing all around then 3 and a half days it's worse, it's too sore to shave though after just 2 days because the oils of my skin were stripped out from shaving, Would this be something you'd be interested in doing?.

  4. I wonder if there's a sanitizing solution one could create at home to soak their sponges in to keep bacteria more at bay? I've been considering it, but mostly I just use antimicrobial soap and hot water. And lots of wringing.

  5. I'm getting married soon and I've hired a make up artist. Would it be disrespectful to make sure they don't use fingers on my face? I just have a bit of a phobia… I don't touch door handles, and even shaking hands sometimes freaks me out… so the idea of someones hands on my face… makes me a bit anxious… but I don't want to offend… have you encountered anything like that? (JUST FYI: I mentioned that you were my guru with make up)

  6. I think nothing is better than fingers, you feel what you are doing, you need no tools, dont waste any foundation and above all the cleanest way to do it! Anyway its up to each one to chose 🙂

  7. Thank you for the tips on how to apply foundation. I was never really into wearing makeup, but I have been for a few months now and I am loving it. I like my makeup to look natural.

  8. I have ridiculous freckles so like to apply with my fingers then blend with a buffing brush to sort of soften the foundation so my freckles aren't completely covered. If not I end up looking like a mask and not like me at all. What I would love to know how to do is how to conceal redness as I also have a lot of this (hereditary rosacea) on my cheeks and nose again without looking like a mask leaving a weird blank space where there are no freckles. I'm sure there is no magic bullet but I'd love to see you make up a freckled model as you never see thus on you tube. It's hard when you see a freckle tutorial and it's basically someone painting on a tiny amount of fake freckles on their nose to look cute. Please Lisa help us with mega freckles with tips on how to work with this. Xxx


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