How To Apply Gel Polish Like a Pro


Suzie shares her pro secrets on how to Apply Gel Polish, why Gel Polish sometimes wrinkles – and how to avoid it!

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  1. Hi!
    I love your video. I have just started to do my own polygel nails. And now I wonder how I apply uv gel polish over the polygel. Should I first apply the gel polish and then the top coat? or the other way around? and if I should apply the gel polish first, should I buff the surface of the polygel? Thank you, Elsa from Sweden

  2. I’m thinking of getting into gel, but had some questions maybe someone on here could answer? Are all uv lights the same or do I need to go a different uv light depending on the brand I’m using? For example, I was looking on madam glams website and they have a starter kit that comes with their uv light, but what if I bought one from somewhere else. Would it still work with that polish?

  3. Suzie, I love your youtubes! You are fantastic!
    I am looking for advice on brands and products to buy for using at home, on myself. My nails are thin and putting regular polish is a waste of time. So it sounds like the gel polish would be better for me? What about a uv lamp? Thank you so much for your excellent youtubes, and thanks for any help you can give me!

  4. I’m starting to do gel and I would get so frustrated because I would be like why is it sticky like it’s not drying! but now I know to just remove that with alcohol omg if I only knew about this video sooner thank you so much though this helped a lot!!

  5. Hi, I've been wondering, when I apply gel top coat, and after it's cured, and go to wipe with the alcohol, it becomes dull. Should I wait a bit after taking my hand out of the lamp before wiping?

  6. Yeah, it would be nice to learn and know how to do gel nails.. If I have gel polish which I believe is expensive and I also have to buy the lamp and maybe other stuff like the base and top coat. So I'm just gonna use normal polish for now(it works for me, I just have to be patient and careful), maybe until when I've earned more money and feel like it's time to buy gel polish and gel stuff.

  7. What are some good brands of gel polishes and a good lap? My school only uses CND and I'd love some advice on what else is good but won't break the bank. Thanks!


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