How to Avoid Lifting – Natural Nail Prep


Suzie breaks down the most common causes of Nail Enhancements Lifting, and demonstrates how to avoid these problems.

Products featured in this video:
O•P•I Nipper

Ugly Duckling E-file – Cordless Rechargeable

Arbor Sanding Bands

Ugly Duckling Nail Prep

Ugly Duckling Primer Acid Free

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  1. You should do a video on nail fungus. How it spreads and how to treat. Recently got a fungus from a nail salon and it has spread. So I'm diligently applying anti fungal as I really don't want to take a med that will be hard on my liver. So far I'm making progress. Wanting to do my nails at home so that this never happens again. I found your channel researching dip products.

  2. I honestly didn't realize just how wrong a job the salon I go to was doing. At this point I just thought getting my nails done hurts and I have to deal with it. But I've been watching your videos because I'm going to be doing my own nails ( or trying at least lol ) and learning that the place I was going was all wrong!

  3. "We don't want to dig through layers of out nail plate"
    Man, I wish the girls that work in nail salons I live near would actually listen to that. I'm starting to do my nails at home now because they file my nails paper thin before putting the crap on :/

  4. Suzie thanks so much for your videos. They are so informative and helpful to me. I’ve had to start doing my own acrylic nails due to not having enough money for a tech. They must be done because I have ridges in my nails, which won’t go away. My question on this video is when you use the e nail drill the 1st time, what is the kind of drill bit you used called, so I can purchase one? It was white looking and very narrow. Thank you, in advance, for your response.

  5. I had a nail lady cut my skin with the nippers and she didn't say anything. My finger started bleeding and she just put nail glue on it to stop it from bleeding. Then she started massaging my arm for some reason and did it so hard she left bruises.


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