How to Contour With Powder – Make-up Basics


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A minefield of the make-up world, contouring is something that can go badly wrong. This video is an introduction to the basic principles of shading and contouring the face with powder. Good contouring can make a wide face appear narrower and cheekbones appear more prominent. It can also help to define the jawline and lift the eyes. All this needs to be done with a light touch using the right product and shade, especially for a daytime look. Once you have mastered the very basic techniques shown here you can build up your skills and really make the most of your bone structure and the shape of your face.

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  1. This video is awesome! Most makeup artists on here put at least 3-4 layers of thick, liquid foundation and highlighters all over their face…which is fine for let's say…a photo shoot…but for not for everyday makeup. 🙂 I like her tutorials a lot 😀

  2. i wish i had seen this video before, i learned contouring from other youtubr gurus and did contouring just like them and always would end up with two patches… i am just realising now how horriblr that used to look 🙁

  3. Know what I love about this contour tutorial as opposed to the average one you'd find here on Youtube? She hasn't got that extremely dark cream contour colour applied all over her face like war paint, unlike a lot of other demonstration videos. I think what people neglect is that those contour guide photos are only meant to emphasise the locations where the contour colour should go, but unfortunately a lot of folks take it quite literally.

  4. Please do a video on cream contouring! As a makeup artist I identify myself with your work and how we see beauty . I'm on a mission to educate this generation that less is more. This whole Instagram trend is not what beauty is about . LOVE YOU LISA!

  5. 5 years later and this is still a much better contouring how-to technique compare t most overdone videos on contouring nowadays. I have warm undertones but I prefer cool toned shades to contour with bc they look more natural and the closet to the color of the natural shadows of our faces. Haven't been able to find the perfect one yet bc any palette that has the right shade also comes with loads of other shades that I'll probably never use and I hate buying something that I can't get full use of. I'm using single eyeshadow or brow powders to contour right now, obviously the pan is quite small for a contouring brush to dip into, but it's working for me atm


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