How to: DIY Manicure with Pro Advice 🎁 Just in time for Father’s Day


This Step by Step Tutorial for an At-Home Mani is for anyone in the family. I share Pro Tips during this ‘manicure appointment' with my Hubbie, Cameraman😀

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  1. I have a question later.
    I'm 54 now but have been watching your channel for a few years now.
    I don't recall if there was ever a topic on how often nails need to breathe after getting gels or acrylic put on. I have been getting my nails done for a year and a half to 2 years.
    Do I need to allow my nails to breathe and what does that even mean?

  2. Suzie , I have tried to buy it but when I go to check out it comes up with dollars and thats not what I want, i want pounds . On the shopping page at the top it say to pick region and I press uk .xx??

  3. Your voice is so soothing in your videos! Question, I get my nails done on a regular basis, I asked the nail tech how often she has to change the barbacide and she said every couple weeks, I thought you had to change it more frequently. Do you still think it’s affective?

  4. Susie could you answer me something I try to grow my nails because I love painting them but they break so easily as well as whatever I try normal nail polish does not stick to my nails even if I use long lasting base and long lasting top coat so I use the belly sand which now which is polish with gel base and top that lasts a lot longer but it makes my nails even weaker woudk it be possible for me to get thin nail extensions at the salon that I can just paint myself and change the colour when I want !? I lobe painting my nails it’s one of my ways of self expression not everyone accepts it because I am biologically a boy even though I identify as gender Fluid but still maybe nail polish doenst stick to me for as long because I’m a guy I really don’t know ahhahah x

  5. PLEASE HELP, I design fake nails for charity for our front line workers who cannot have long nails in their protective gloves, but want to have them for weekends, etc. When I buy the fake nails, I always RUN OUT OF SIZES 4, 5, 6. I feel like I'm wasting my money on the fake nail sizes I can't use. The girls and guys (yes) are loving these gifts. What do I get proper priced sizes 4, 5, 6??

  6. Hii! I just recently found out I was alerigic to the UV lamps (lovely lil blisters appear all over my cuticle after use) any other alternatives that last as long as acrylic but require no lamp?

  7. I have some hard working hands to pamper. He works at a heat treat plant. His poor hands and nails have to have ao much TLC from the manual labor. He has beautiful hands and nails underneath all that hard work.

  8. Happy Father's day to any dads out there. I love watching yalls videos, the easy banter back and forth is sooo cute. Yall are the cutest couple ever (even tho we've never seen him lol), just going by yalls personalities, its so fun to watch.


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