How To: E-File Bits for Product Removals


Suzie removes Gel from Acrylic Nails, and shows what E-File bits she like’s to use for Product Removals.

0:50 Carbide Barrel Bit
1:15 Mandrel and Arbor Band
3:23 Filing off the Gel Polish on top of Acrylic Nail
4:46 Inverted Backfill Bit
9:25 Diamond Dust Bits
8:23 Carbide Under the Nail Cleaning Bit

Products Used in this Video:
E-File by SWAN

Files available from:

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  1. A carbide cone bit or a carbide flame bit works so much better and doesn't get hot because the teeth are actually grabbing the product and removing it by cutting it not "sanding" it off with friction like those bits she's using… because friction creates heat. So look up a gel/ acrylic removing carbide cone or flame bit and see the difference in the teeth and the rows and you'll what I mean. They are SO much better at taking stuff off the nails with minimal effort.

  2. Apparently I need a new tech. But I have to find one who can structure nail tips because i dont get the classic tips anymore. I get the overlay And if any of my real nails bright then he structures a tip for me.. By he is always nipping my cuticles with that 1 bit and it hurts like hell and I always tell him to be careful around the area he still hits that part of my skin and it's so annoying because then my skin Burns there for 2 or 3 days everytime I wash my hands until it heals up…the other Techs in the shop can't even build a tip nor can many in a lot of the other shops in my area they're not that skilled or they're always way too busy smh. I find the men to be less gentle too. I'm going to Several shops where they don't even hold your hand properly when they file and your fingers be sore or your nails be sore and they just do everything rough and also try to be more quick than anything. Me dreading that process is what has me thinking about purchasing my own stuff and learning to do my own fills

  3. I've been using the typical files you get at the store for prepping the natural nail for acrylic application. Now I'm thinking that might be too fine? I also was using that thin pointed bit to get at that cuticle area on my "turtles" but I am using it side ways rather than pointed end first. I know I'm probably doing a million things wrong because the acrylic is lifting as soon as I'm done lol. I'm wondering if e-filing wrong can cause lifting? I'm pretty sure I'm just barely hitting the cuticle with the acrylic too. Someday my "turtles" will become beautiful swans. Someday… XD

  4. I just bought an electric file for use on my own acrylic nails, and it tickles so bad no matter what bit I use that I am considering returning it unless you have any tips or tricks for this, I already searched YouTube, but found nothing for this particular issue.

  5. I got my nails done recently and my nail tech was taking off the gel polish in one stroke and really heating up fingers up, I was so disappointed in them. She also filed off so much of the acrylic (this was just a fill) that she had to put on more acrylic.

  6. This seems like a silly question Suzi but how do you tell just by looking at a band that goes on a mandrel whether it is fine, medium or course? I got some with my drill and can't tell the difference just be looking. They look all the same.

  7. I loved this tutorial on how to use the e-file and the bits. A lot of people are scared of these because they think damage can be caused on the natural nail and skin, but you tutorial shows you that in the right hands and right training that you will not cause damage and you can speed you work up. I wondered if Swan have a UK site, because there site only delivers within Canada? 😉 It would be lovely for you to come to the Leeds, UK to do some training. Love watching your tutorials your also lucky when you get sent products to try out to see if they are good for us nail techs or not.

    I want to have a good E-file and bits, I've only got a basic hand e-file and bits. 🙂


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