How To: Gel Over Polish – No Wrinkles!


Do you have a color of Nail Polish you love, but want the durability of Gel? Suzie shows how to use a Gel Top Coat over regular Polish, and keep it from wrinkling!

Products Used in this video:

Rose Bonbon Nail Lacquer
Kiara Sky

Shine E Gel
Exclusive Nail Couture

LED Gel Lamp
Ugly Duckling

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  1. Thank you so much for making this!! I struggled with this when using specialty nail powders like chrome or linear holo powder pigments, which work best buffed into a cured gel top coat, but I always used regular polish colours as the base. This definitely makes more sense now! Suzie to the nail rescue!

  2. AHHHAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!
    Suzie I need your help, why my nails cracking after doing Gel nails or Acryl nail? Can you do a video? Maybe I am a hard worker, maybe I missed to do C curve? Maybe I didn't nuke properly? Please help!

  3. Sorry, there are so many comments and IDK if it's been asked before, but do you use gel base coat somewhere in this mix? Thanks! I'd love to try this with my Zoya polishes that have taken over my collection. 🙂

  4. So what is a good way to keep the wrinkling from happening when all you have on is gell polish? I was using gel polish and one of my fingers just kept wrinkling like that. I cleaned it off and did it again 3 or 4 times and it still did it. How can I fix that for next time?

  5. When working on dipping clear , i have alot of bubbles on the nails,,i have try everything but each time putting on clear powder on a clear nail bed it leaves white bubble, can you show me how you do the clear powder on a nails.

  6. Thank you for sharing. I don't use color anymore but like clean, stronger nails. Why are women wearing an unnatural sharp claw look? It looks animalistic & scary. Square or round is much prettier & more attractive.

  7. I tend to do nail designs using a variety of mediums (gel polish, regular nail polishes, acrylic paints etc), and found that all mediums can be used in the same nail design, on the same nail, and work fabulously. Every single medium must be dried/cured before the next goes down to prevent smearing. Once the nail is completely dry, it can be gel topcoated and look fantastic until the design is changed 🙂

  8. Can you please show us how to add a gel top coat on dip powder? Ive been trying to do it on my clients and it peels off in a matter of seconds. I do skip the activator part at the end and use alcohol to wipe off any residue but does not seem to help. HELP!!

  9. I pretty much wait 24 hours after using nail polish before using a gel top coat. It usually works. Some brands of nail polish just dry soft though no matter what you do, hence making the gel not work. Certain OPI colors just don't work with this for some reason. Creams especially. Have to wait well over 24 hours. Metalics or glitter ones, I'm usually good after 15 minutes.

  10. you inspire me to do my nail business! i love your tutorials you are very fun to watch and professional i love your videos! you are so informative and you do things step by step and its easy to follow ..absolutely love your channel, you inspired me to put up my own channel! i hope to be as satisfying to watch as you ! i also always love your nails !

  11. Hello Suzie, I am amazed by your videos and I have a question to ask. I am new at using gels and all the techniques which require a UV/LED lamp, so I am wondering if I can do the nail art with regular polishes, let it completely dry and then apply the shiny gel top coat? Will I have the same result as you showed in the video?

  12. I have a question!
    If you have acrylics with gel polish, can you soak your fingers in acetone to only remove the polish or will it pop the nail off too?
    Is there a way to remove the gel polish in a safe way to make the acrylics last?


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