HOW TO GROW LONG HEALTHY HAIR FAST! HairCare Routine (Curly hair)


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  1. kelsey, i love you so much but please don't refer to your hair as curly. At best it is considered 2c, curly hair is supposed to make a complete spiral and yours doesnt. sorry if i seem pushy or anything. i just want to help. ily

  2. Honestly I wanted to buy this shampoo and conditioner from this brand you recommended and it was literally 20 $ and I'm sorry but this was very expensive for me

  3. Im glad that shampoo/conditioner worked out for you! However just an FYI one of the ingredients is dimethicone which is also known as a silicone which can be damaging on your hair in the long run!

  4. Before you comment on this video about how « she doesn’t have curly hair » like 70% of these comments, she does have curly hair. If you haven’t noticed there isn’t just one type of curly hair, you don’t have to have Afro hair for it to be considered curly, dude. Also, besides if your hair is 100% straight, there are different textures all over your head. I have some very coily peices and some very loose peices. Bye.

  5. my hair is thick shiny and volumtuouis and my hair is naturally a soft wavy and my hair is light light brown with red strands what about yours??? btw gurl your freckles are stunning!


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