How to: KOREAN 10 Step Skincare Routine | Glass Skin



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  1. Am.I.the only one.scared of using baking.soda on my face? I also have combined type of skin.can someone please Tell me if baking.soda in that foam cleanser doesn't have some sort of side effect '?

  2. so this skin care routine is used by koreans night and morning? i always thought it was just for at night..damn and i cant always find the motivation to even wash my face with 1 product XD

  3. I am actually quite confused and I have a few questions so hopefully, someone can help me understand better.

    1) I saw from a few articles online that essence is just a less concentrated version of serum so my do we still need to apply essence then serum or just serum works as well since its the same?
    2) She used a sheet mask here which I normally use but I am planning to try volcanic clay mask as I heard its good for deep cleansing, so my question is, in this case, do I use it at the step after cleansing or after toner since we have to wash off the clay mask?
    3) Also since clay mask is for deep cleansing is it recommended to use it after exfoliating or different days would better? since exfoliating is once or twice a week same for the clay mask.
    4) If we use beauty water do we still need to use toner or just start from the steps after that?

    Thank you! Hopefully, you guys can help answer some of my questions or if the answer is too long, you can provide me the links too, I can go read more about it!

  4. I must be one of the few people who actually likes wrinkles. I always thought crow's feet wrinkles were beautiful. I'm not doing a thing about it when I get mine!


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