How To: Natural Nail Manicure


Suzie shares some tips on how to do a Natural Nail Manicure like a Pro!

0:33 Wash Hands
0:52 Push Cuticle Back
1:46 Eponychium
1:56 Remove organic ‘white stuff’ from nail bed
3:28 Hyponychium
3:57 Hang Nails
4:40 Cuticle Softener
6:15 Filing Natural Nails
7:26 Nails Naturally grow in square shaped
8:49 Ridge Filler
9:55 Top Coat
10:14 Finished Manicure Reveal Shots

Products Used in this Video:
Wood Cuticle Pusher – generic
Metal Cuticle Pusher by Akzentz
Hand File by Swan Nails Inc.
Ridge Filler by Pro•FX
High Speed Top Coat by Lumos

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  1. The reason a babies nails are square shaped is because the pressure from the amniotic fluid forces, the incredibly soft and delicate nails into that shape. As they grow, A person can have multiple shapes on one hand. For example, my thumbs are almond/oval shaped, index and middle are round and lastly, 4th and 5th fingers are squarish. I dont shape my nails into all the same shape, i allow them to grow as is because i that they are all different. i feel taking them away from their natural shapes weakens them. Ive noticed the sides only need to be filed if It has developed a tear. I only use a very very fine grit filer because my nails are naturally thin

  2. Katie's nails are so pretty! What about the client who presents with a nail disaster? How much can be achieved in one heroic manicure? What advice or instruction can be given to help a client — especially one who uses her hands to make crafts or type or some other kind of nail-challenging activity? I want to thank you for this video — I learned a lot! I am especially glad to know about ridge filling liquid. Never heard of that before. Thanks so much!

  3. Interesting. This is the first time I'm hearing about ridge fillers. The eponychium of my two thumbs are infected and the sides of the nail bed have died, so my nails are crooked and ridged only in the thumbs. Perhaps I'd get a ridge filler, but it seems that when new nails grow back, they still come back with ridges. How do I restore the health of my nail bed given the damage? Hope you or someone here could offer some suggestions or resources


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