How to Polish Nails Professionally


Suzie shares a few tips for a flawless polish application.

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  1. Hello been watching you religiously really interesting to see.any tips on how I can I suppose cheap way to do my nails for as far as a critical pusher what would be adivsed, if I don't have any of these ,such as the brush I dont have as well. I'm also just getting into nails and I'm looking for ways to prefect them being i can't get then done anymore financially

  2. I actually ordered an acrylic set online. I bought polish around the same time. The polish came earlier. I painted my nails and it was a disaster. Kinda discouraged me a bit. This video was great! Thanks for the tips. Now to fix my crazy nails lol

  3. Hi Suzie you really helped me with all of these videos I thank you so much and all of the advice that you give me and everyone who watches you thanks you very much and funny thing today I had sent to a store and got the same out the door top coat and when I saw that you use the top coat it made me feel that I can have the perfect looking nails just like yours

  4. I am a SAHM of 4 boys and love when my nails are done but can't fit regular trips to the nail salon into our budget. Using Susie's tips I make time every Friday night and do my nails and enjoy a glass of wine. Love her and thanks Suzie!!

  5. Suzy this one video where Cristine has you beat for knowledge that is given to the audience. Like, this entire thing was so quick, I think you need to make bigger and more elaborated points about the application and clean up around the cuticle and drying processes like she did. And also explain that two colour thing you did with silver and black more because it looked amazing! I've never seen it before and your line with the black over the silver was so smooth! We can't do that without instruction!


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