How To Remove an Acrylic/Gel Nail from a Practise Finger


Suzie demonstrates how to remove an Acrylic or Gel Nail from a Plastic Practise Finger.

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  1. I buffed my practice nail too much and now the acrylic is sticking more and more. Would putting a hardening or even gel on the plastic nail before applying the acrylic be a good idea to help it not stick? I'm asking you because you're the queen of acrylics and I don't want to mess it up by trying it first, lol

  2. hello suzie! I LOVE your videos and especially your personality ! I have a mishaped nail that I'm so insecure about and it would be awesome if you could do a video putting acrylic on a nail with some kind of deformity from birth/ injury . that's will be a challenge and I'm sure you'll do GREAT !
    please thumbs up so she could see this ! thanks <3 xX (sorry for my english)


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