How to Super-Secure Gems and Bling


Suzie has just returned from the ISSE Long Beach show with a terrific technique and new product to secure Gems and have them REALLY stay on!

Products Featured in this Video:

UV/LED Gel Polish #41

Gummy Jelly
Exclusive Nail Couture

SHINE E no wipe topcoat
Exclusive Nail Couture

Crystal Katana


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  1. Wow u do awesome work love the videos. Question what uv nail dryer do u use? Ive been looking for 1 but some reviews on them are saying they don’t dry all different types nails with different gels.

  2. I don’t mean to sound like a stalker, but what is the name of your nail salon please? I’m from Vancouver and I visit Victoria from time to time. I’d love o get my nails done from you in this lifetime.

  3. I must be missing something because I'm not sure how those diamonds and stuff was Jewels are all staying on the nails I mean I don't get it I must have missed something I played it twice maybe I'm just tired of something


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