Hybrid Acrylic and Gel Real Flower Inlay


Suzie makes a Hybrid Inlay using Acrylic, Gel and Real Flowers. This is the third episode in the Real Flower Inlay Series.

Products Used in this Video:

Eternal Beige

UV/LED Hard Gel

The Top Coat

Candy Cutie Cuticle Oil

GLOW LED Nail Dryer
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Have Fun!

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  1. how do I order the glitter and flowers or where do I go in just subscribing and I love your style. You have become my inspiration..had a class on nails sculpting from O. P. I. and never forgot the trade. Just watching you is inspiring. Ty

  2. The flowers need soaked overnight. They don't take to the liquid as soon as one expects. Great imagery, Grant knows his business and so does Suzie! I live for the final moment and feel they should be a tad longer. A nice snapshot takes time to admire!

  3. I just stumbled across this and it’s an answer to my questions. I do have one question about brushes though. Which acrylic brush do you like best as far as brand and size. I need to buy one and want to spend wisely.

  4. I have just recently started watching your channel. You are so talented. Watching you is very educational and I have learnt a lot. You are very easy to listen to and you are also very funny. I am from Australia and love your accent. Some of the art work you do is so inspiring. Your cameraman sounds very nice. The videos with Grant are fun to watch.

  5. How to do acrylic polish over real nails? Can't find video, im sure you did one. Thanks, also wanted to know what web site address do can I go to order nail kit? Do you still have 10% discount? Thx V

  6. U nail r good but that nails are for no use they r a wast of time. they look good but it’s not worth ur valuable time I know it’s ur job but it is no use in ur future unless u r dum person and just like doing dum things like layering 10 layers of acrylic and gel on ur nails. U r talented but that talent is for no use. Don’t mind my words but you can do better things in life.

  7. Wow i love how you teach really amazing! I am starting new i got my license but never practice, now that i am not renewing it, I just wanting to go back to do nails and look! Wow This is my passion! Do you have any video for filing the acracly nail?

  8. Aww! I love how cameraman was like o wow! It's quite dazzling! He's so cute!! I just love how he really enjoys watching Suzie and watching the nail process how it comes to life! It's so amazing!

  9. Hi There – Love these videos!  I work with gels, and I remember my instructor discussing why the client might feel the nail getting hot during the cure time – she also said that the best thing is just to remove it from the lamp for a couple of seconds.  The WORST thing (according to her) is to press down on the nail, as it can damage the nail bed.

  10. Gel and gel polish can get hot in the lamp because the product is a bit thick and is shrinking onto the nail. If the client has a sensitive nail bed they will feel the shrinking effect of the gel a lot more.
    I notice it almost every time I use our matte gel polish top coat – and that's because it is naturally a thicker top coat.


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