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“Pimples do not pay rent, girl! They got to go!”
Jackie Aina is one of the OG YouTubers—she’s been creating beauty videos since 2008. Also known as ‘La Bronze James’, Jackie keeps it real in her product reviews, hauls, and makeup tutorials.

Hair pulled back and bathrobe on, Jackie showed us all the tips, tricks, and beloved products she uses to keep her skin flawless, in the latest installment of #GoToBedWithMe.

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  1. 1. Remove makeup with cleansing water
    2. Cleansing oil
    3. Cleansing gel
    4. Cleansing water again for extra makeup
    5. Chemical exfoliator
    6. Toner
    7. Essence
    8. Hyloraunic acid
    9. Serum
    10. Gel mask (Neutrogeana)
    11. “Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie”
    12. Pat extra residue
    13. Eye cream
    14. Moisturizer

  2. LOL she has pushed this girl she knows before there is no such thing as "medical grade". There is prescription or not. And these are not. Even if there was "medical grade: ( which there isn't) a aesthetician would not be the one issuing them. To top it off the packaging is awful. Also bad advice on using paper towel and not re-using wash cloths?? Girl no paper towns often contain chemicals that should not be used on the face. Just wash your wash cloths. Yikes.


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