Jelly Nails with a Chrome Twist


Suzie builds a stunning set of ‘Jelly Shoes' inspired Nails. This step by step tutorial covers everything from the Gel Application, Sculpting with Hand Files, painting Chrome Gel Base and Chrome Gel Polish to complete the Jelly look.

Products featured in this video:

By Fuzion:
Clear Base LED/UV Gel
Pink Base LED/UV Gel
Five LED/UV Builder Gel

Darling Lamp by Exclusive Nail Couture

Smoothie Buffer by Exclusive Nail Couture

Aluminix Silver Base Chrome Gel Polish by Joya Mia

Aluminix Chrome Gel Polish MX-20 by Joya Mia

UV Nails UV Gel Top Coat by Joya Mia

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Jelly Shoes Photo by: Anthony Douanne
Licensed through:

00:00 Drop of A Hat by Neon Beach
01:08 Purple Skies In Paradise by PALA
04:49 Shine On by Hale
07:40 Foreshadowing Shadows by PALA
09:29 Half Smile by Hale
12:31 Chasing The Light by Luna Wave
15:21 Hawaii Breeze by PALA
17:28 Foreshadowing Shadows by PALA
21:13 Trusting by Fey Foxx
22:43 Fresh for the Summer by PALA
26:41 Skater GIrl by Matt Wigton
27:38 Tokyo Nights by Finn's Fandango
30:29 Intrigue by Autumn Everywhere
32:07 Drop of A Hat by Neon Beach

All music © of the composers.
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  1. Please do a test and review of the reusable nail forms. They seem like a good way to save if you're doing nails at home, but they also seem like they would be much more difficult to use. Love your channel, you've inspired me to get more into nail art!

  2. Jelly shoes were definitely my thing back then, I was born in the early 80's. These nails would be perfect with a little sparse glitter inlay, like the shoes always had.

  3. I just love your work. And i love jelly shoes!! This is really stunningly pretty. I'm an ole school acrilic lover but am ready to cross the boundaries. So many different things can be created these day. Thank you.

  4. I always wonder about the state of her natural nails. I understand she's a professional and obviously knows how to care for them but doing all these tutorials must make take a toll.


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