Kiss Acrylic Kit – Did They Stay On? Three Weeks Later Review


Suzie reviews the Kiss French Acrylic Sculpture Kit she tested in her earlier video. Suzie shows how they lasted after three weeks of wearing them, and Rates the Kiss Acrylic Kit.

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  1. I have been watching your videos for a week now, and I love how you present this art. I had a horrible first time with salon applied acrylics last week. I am considering giving the diy kit a try if anything stick to the easier to shape nail shapes. Thank you so much for these videos.

  2. you used it weird and you are a professional and it wasn't that great. you made them look weird and non-nail techs did better job than this. sorry, i like your other nail videos, just not this particular one because of those reasons.

  3. Hi, I have no idea if you will see this but out of all the products you a have tried with have the lowest odor to them? Honestly Kiss SMells so Bad to me stinks up the whole house when I have used it.

  4. I loved it. It worked for me and lasted a very long time but yeah it has to do with the applier you need to get the liquid and powder ratio perfect for then to come out looking good and last still practicing myself.i was wondering about the DiP powder is that easy to do?

  5. That's the same kit I messed around with when I was in cosmetology school in 1994. The only difference between then and now is the acrylic liquid improved so that the acrylic didn't pop off two days later. I'm not a big fan of any Kiss product. To me the company is more concerned with making money than putting a good quality product on the shelf.

  6. I used the kit while we were stationed in Germany in 2001 and my nail tech had left. It held up well and was less expensive than buying everything separately. I am not a pro but I had a buffing block a good file and they held up well. I managed to use the brush 3 applications. It is decent but I prefer having my done by a professional. It doesn't take as long and not as much filing to get to where I like them.

  7. When my mom does that her nails near the cuticles starts to mold. Her natural nails are very thin because of medicine she takes so she can't really buff much. And that's why she wears them.

    I was blessed with strong natural nails that grow long. So I don't get them, anymore.

  8. so i also bought this and let me start of saying that 14,95€ isn't allot of money for something like this so I was like ok I like long nails and I would like some that don't fall of because they are just glued on. so I got the kit and I knew that it would be a great result because I'm not a professional but I think that it was a good experience and that I will try this until I get it right

  9. Could you do a video with the kiss nail kit, brush in gel? I have gotten it to try to help strengthen my nails because I have no clue how to get them to grow stronger and not brake. I love natural nail, i just cant keep them from braking

  10. I have the nailene brand version of this kit, and ive gotten pretty good at applying the nails so they look even and good. however mine usually pop off after about a week (like the whole nail -tip and acrylic – falls off). Does anyone know why this happens, or what I could do to prevent it?

  11. This video gave off the impression to me that like you said you need “professional” knowledge to get any kind of good result with ANYTHING. Even this starter kit. Not really motivating for beginners or people wanting to do a simple nail.

  12. Hi, thank you for understanding peoples desire to diy and stay on a budget. It’s nice that you educate but you’re patient and while you explain dangers, you’re not judge-mental

  13. I know you did this a long time ago, but I have tried doing my own acrylic nails and gel nails and they peel right off, I mean on the same day… I even use a primer, and I am very discouraged by it, they come out good, but I can't believe they cone right off…it takes me a long time to do then to only have them last about half a day if that…help!!!!!

  14. Damn, I love how positive Suzie is and not judgmental of people who can’t afford to get a full set at a salon and are looking for alternatives. Acrylic nails can seem intimidating and she makes it feel approachable which I appreciate


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