Lash Lift Treatment


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  1. hey 🙂 I did an eyelash lift many times. The last two times I did it tho (at two different salons !) the curl was barely there.
    The first salon always worked for me and the second one had the best reviews online so it couldn´t be that… is it possible that the lifts just stop working after you´ve done them for a few times ? (and I did wait weeeks between each session…) Can anyone help me out here please because I loved the effect so so much and now it´s just not working anymore.. 🙁

  2. Hi Lisa! I just got a terrible "lash perm" (the cheaper, outdated LVL) and it turned out horribly. My lashes have curled back on themselves and despite coating them in Castor oil every night for the past week, they're still wonky. Do you have any tips on how to reverse a bad eyelash perm?

  3. I don't think I could ever do this. I had my eyelashes tinted once, and it was dreadful. The chemical they used smelled like ammonia and it got into my eyes. I started yelling and jumped out of the chair. My eyes are extremely sensitive so putting chemicals around them is a no no for me. Esp after that issue when it got in my eyes.

  4. I'm curious, 5 years down the line – was this just a one-off or did you like it so much you kept returning? I've heard great things about Lilash serum too (enhances eyelash growth) have you tried both of those together? x

  5. I had this done and was very pleased (they're still curled 10 weeks later). However… I didn't know that lashes could lose condition. MIne have gone thin and dry since having this treatment.

  6. I can get almost the same look by heating my eyelash curler and curling my lashes with it. You just have to make sure you don't over heat your eyelash curler but it works fantastic and it holds all day!!! I have been doing it for about 14 years now.

  7. thank u so much for making this video. i have an appointment on the 6th nov. been so curious whats this all about, ur video helped me. i have the same issues with my lashes & i´m not fond of using mascara it irritates my eyes. Ur lashes looks really beautiful after lash lift, i like it mascara free on you looks very natural & pretty.

  8. Wow I want to try this! I already have full lashes so I don't need lash extensions, this would be a great alternative for me to enhance my lashes! Mine are black as well but I've heard of people getting them tinted purplish or blue-black to enhance eye color!

  9. Does anyone who has had this know what I can use for aftercare instead of the branded lash conditioner serum? Don't want to fork out an extra £15 if it isn't necessary/ if there is a cheaper option!

  10. I am not a beautician but I did the original eyelash perm on myself (the one with rods) and this looks soooo much more efficient.  especially for those of you who have longer straighter eyelashes on the outer corners like me.  The rods work  but it's hard to get the edges right so this will be much better.  Thanks for posting

  11. Will try this treatment. My client had it applied for her wedding and her lashes looked beautiful and natural. I may train myself to become a lash technician using this system. Love it. Thanks for video cx


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