Lisa Eldridge – How To Apply False Lashes Tutorial


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Part 2 of the Lash Series – a beginners guide to applying full strip fake lashes. For Part 1 – How to apply individual fake lashes click here:

Fake lashes are everywhere right now, the major eyelash brands are making some incredible designs and lash bars are popping up all over town. No amount of mascara will ever give you the very dramatic effect of strip lashes. Although a little trickier to apply to yourself than individuals (in my opinion), it definitely worth having a go for a special night out as they can completely transform your eyes and give your make-up a totally different feel. Choose your lashes according to whats going to suit your eye shape and face best. If you really look after your lashes (clean off mascara with gentle remover after every use) and put them away properly in the box they came in, you can use them time and time again. Remove them as you would individuals by soaking a cotton wool disc in eye make-up remover and holding it flat over your eye for several seconds. This should soften the glue and loosen the lashes. Repeat if necessary.

Fun and perfect for a night out, follow my beginners guide to getting the application right.

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  1. hi lisa. i just want to let you know that i successfully applied false eyelashes on myself yesterday thanks to this video you made 7 years ago! i have always been intimidated by false eyelashes and your video helped a lot.
    thank u

  2. I've struggled with false lashes for a while (ELF Natural) and getting clear strip lashes (Eylure natural 020 and Eylure 114) changed my life! Such a simple tip and it changed my makeup completely. I had kinda given up on falsies before this video and now I can apply them I'm so happy!

  3. A CLEANING false lashes trick I learned at beauty school…. get a little container filled with alcohol that you can buy from the drugstore and throw your lashes in when you take them off at night -seal lid tightly…cleans off make up mascara gunk and softens all the glue so it will come off in one long string or fall off completely on its own . Pat the eyelashes dry after and replace on plastic holder to retain shape and they are completely new and clean! Even if the lashes are bent or mangled from putting mascara on them they'll go right back to how they were when you open the package The alcohol evaporates immediately when you dry them off & u can pull off the glue strip with your tweezers after soaking no problem without pulling on the Lash -works great ! They're not only Clean but antibacterial this way as well and fresh to go the next time you need them

  4. Lisa, I don't mean this to be the least bit negative.  I'm an ex-make-up artist and hair stylist but not to the level of you.  I allow fully on your choice of Duo.  It's the best.  Here comes the difference of opinion which means nothing;  I feel your inner lashes are a bit too long.  I can tell where they began, but the average person probably couldn't.  Everything else that you say about lashes is spot on.  Lashes absolutely MUST be trimmed not only in lenght of the lash base but also the lenght of the lashes themselves but not a blunt cut;  it must be jagged as you well know.  The lashes on YOUR right eye (not the right eye looking at the video) seems to be a bit too long at the inner edge.  
    Please know that I admire your work and am so happen for you that you have gained the status that you have achieved.

  5. Hi no matter what I try or what I do I just can't put lashes on I just need help I can't even curl my lashes with a lash curler I don't know if am scared or what I've tried all different ways I just can't do it 🙁 please help

  6. Thank you very much Lisa!!! I'm trying to learn how to apply false eyelashes in time for my daughter's wedding this month. Your video is very helpful, I plan to watch it over and over again!!! 🙂
    Thank you again!

  7. Thank you lisa. I've been having a hard time putting on strip and indiv fake lashes. Your two videos have given me a lot of good pointers and I now know what I've been doing wrong like not waiting for 60 secs to dry the glue. Thanks again!

  8. I guess relating to the inital question. Can they still be re-used even after running mascara through them in the end? And want kind of eye-make up removers are the best to remove them with?

  9. I'm completely useless when it comes to lashes but always want to put them on. I find that they irritate me and pull them off or just get them on properly. Like I said completely useless. Ill keep trying because I love the way they finish ur eyes beautifully. Thank you for helping :))

  10. It depends on how much pressure you apply – falsies, as long as they are removed carefully, do not damage your eyelashes at all. Curling lashes is controversial – I haven't noticed any damage but make sure to moisturize your lashes for maximum health. I'm not Lisa, but seeing as she hasn't replied yet I thought I'd throw in my 2 cents.


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