Lisa Eldridge – Make-up Basics: Foundation Tutorial


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This film is the second of three tutorials on how to do perfect Primer, Foundation and Concealer. How to choose the right foundation for you and how to apply it. I show you how I do it in this film. I hope you find it helpful. Thanks for watching.

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I only feature products I like, or want to try. The products I use in these videos are either purchased by me or sent to me by make-up companies to use in my professional capacity as a make-up artist for fashion and celebrity photo shoots, red carpet etc. I am also sent products by many of the top magazines to judge for awards.

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  1. Hundreds of years ago when I had a Saturday job on the Makeup counter of a local (very posh..stocked Jean Patou oh I can't remember the spelling but the company that makes Joy) I had a moment of revelation, foundation isn't named that because it's a base…the base is usually the sunscreen or daytime moisturiser you use under foundation.'s because we can't pronounce 'Fond de Tient' properly, I did German at school but I also did the compulsory couple of years of French, which was enough to enable me to translate Fond-Cream de Tient- with colour. I think it was one of those Eureka moments. ..
    Only kidding but what I said above is true.

  2. Lisa how do you feel about primers? I occasionally hear you mention them however it doesn't seem as though you use them regularly. Can you share your thoughts and tips on face primers. Thank you.

  3. I love you lisa eldidge! thank you so much for your informative, no- nonsense, easy to watch and understand, pro- tip- filled videos!

    I'm currently trying to get into makeup here in nyc and am starting to build my kit with the basics like skin care mostly, and then some foundations. (good?) I've been wondering, when dealing with models, what kinds of foundations do you keep stocked considering you have no idea what skin type you'll be working with that day? Should I be working towards every skin tone shade in every skin type's product?! is that the goal?!?!

  4. dear Lisa I've just bought a foundation which is too pink for me (it's estee lauder double wear in pale almond) is there any chance to correct its shade maybe with a green primer? help me if you can..bye

  5. Thanks Lisa, I have more than 10yrs make up experience everyday but found my technique was so wrong, thanks so much for your sharing and now I could enjoy make up with better effect.

  6. Hi Lisa!
    I have rosacea, not a serious one, but I have redness in my cheeks, nose, chin, and the rest is very pale skin… Have you tried Clinique Redness Solutions? (I ask about this one because I know I can find it where I live)
    Thanks for your videos and for shearing all your experience! that's so generous.

  7. Mac face and body body you really have to work it into the skin, Im a guy that wears very NATURAL looking makeup as well, the key is to either use a good brush or your fingers to blend and really work it into the skin so that it isnt noticeble

  8. I'm a boy and I'm a freak about my appearance. I'm considering wearing makeup soon. What would anyone recommend that is VERY natural looking. I'm looking into Chanel right now, they're products are very matte but with subtle dewy glow.

  9. Hi Lisa! I would like a highlighter that is subtle and one I could wear on a night out, but I don't want to look like I have sparkles all over. The Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector looks beautiful. The Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage SC3 (but the smaller, darker shade) is pretty spot on with my skin color. Would you recommend Pearl, Opal, or the new Moonstone color?

    Also, what about the Kevyn Aucoin candelight? Is it more subtle than Becca? haha i'm just overwhelmed. Hope to hear from you. xo

  10. I'm not Lisa but what I've noticed is that when the foundation is water based (Chanel Lumiere or Benefit Oxygen) she will use her hands because she wants to 'feel it' and some foundations she finds work better when the hands warm them. But for some foundations – cream ones or thicker ones – I've seen her use a sigma round top kabuki, a chanel #6 or a no7 foundation brush (the last two look like painters brushes). It must be preference. She always says use a brush if you like. 🙂

  11. She don't talk enough! I could listen to her talk for days – she's so soothing! When I'm sad I'll watch a Lisa video and it's like she's got a comforting arm around your shoulder.

  12. can you do a video on the best drugstore foundations that you would recommend? my skin tone is similar to yours and i have cool undertones and there are never any good foundations that are either light enough or that match my undertones… thank you!

  13. hey thanks for the reply tho, that really helped, at least i have an idea how it actually works…. it's just weird some gurus say it thins down the layer of foundation or whatsoever lol XD

  14. I really don't know the honest answer to this, so I'm just going to take a guess. Lisa always talks about a more natural finish when it comes to skin, and the stippling brush gives a very "full face" effect. It's nice if that's what you like, it all depends on your own opinion, but I'm guessing that that's why Lisa doesn't really use it (but then again I could be way off the mark) x

  15. The only foundation I use is the Diorskin nude, and Lisa is right, foundation will most definitely not cause spotting if you use a good, quality one. In my case, this foundation has improved my skin's overall texture!
    As for the brush part, I really like the MAC 190 which is lovely for blending in liquid foundations such as the aforementioned; though I'm kind of crazy about the MAC 187, too. Lisa, you've been a hero to so many of us novices, thank you so much, beautiful lady!

  16. 🙂
    That's exactly the same question I wanted to ask you about.
    I've never used a brush before but now I'm thinking about buying one. The problem is that no one has never really told me about the types (whether to choose a flat-topped one or the one you used in your tutorial – perhaps both?)
    I'm a big fan of you, your wok and your tips so your explanation would mean a lot to me.
    Thanks for all, Lisa!

  17. Hi Lisa, I was just wondering why you never used a stippling brush in your videos? I wanted to buy one actually because many people out there love its effect on foundation but I'm quite doubtful because you never recommended it. But just in case you did, in your opinion do you like it? how is it like? Thanks^^

  18. hey lisa, which foundation do you prefer if someone needs medium coverage, has dry skin and want a foundation that stays all day long? I think it s so difficult to find an hydrating foundation which has enough coverage but dewy and natural look and stays all day long….i tried so much but some only stays long and others have only a light coverage or look caky…. thanks for your answer!

  19. @lisaelridgedotcom my neck is extremely darker than my face and chest. my face is almost the same color as my neck but it takes a very long time and a waste of foundation to have to put it all on my neck how can i fix this?

  20. Hi Lisa, could I ask you a question? I have a foundation which is perfect for my skin colour, and the texture is very easy to use for me even without a sponge or a brush. I don't wear it often, only when I have to show a perfect skin, for instance when I go out for more formal events. The only thing is that it seems to make my skin dryer, so what about mixing it with my usual day moisturizing cream? Thank you! <3

  21. I just noticed; you look so much like Monica Belucci (Malena) in this video. Absolutely stunning!
    And thank you so much for all your videos and recomendations. Thanks to you I found Nuxe lipbalm and Bioderma Sensibo and they really are amazing.

  22. Hi Lisa, just discovered your videos and they are amazing, thanks so much! I have oily/comb skin like yourself so keen to try the chanel pro lumiere but i cant find a video about the powders you use? Any you would recommend for oily skin?

  23. what if i have really dark hair naturally, pale skin and green eyes..i look like a ghost without a darker foundation or bronzer but sometimes i look really cakey :/ is there anything i can do to help that?

  24. I have very pale skin and with my hair color I feel washed out all the time. I started tanning 1-2 times a month during the winter months. This has helped me feel much better about how I look. However, I don't tan my face, because of this I am have a very hard time making my face match my chest color. If I use a darker foundation it looks very unnatural and orange, but if I use my lighter color I look like a clown, even if I use bronzer. Any ideas?

  25. even though this is an old video still has amazing tips! 🙂 could you maybe do a video showing how to cover up freckles? i know some people say they are cute and beautiful but i dont like them on my face. i feel like tey are spread out over my face in not a very even way if you could say that. and i always try to cover them up but dont know if im doing it right :/

  26. Lisa if you don't mind me asking! How did you get your pigmentation? From your videos it sounds like you're a firm applier of (high factor) sunscreen but your chin still has pigmentation, are there also different causes of pigmentation?. Thank you!


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