Lisa Eldridge – Make-Up Basics: Liquid & Cream Highlighter Tutorial


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This tutorial explains how best to use liquid and cream highlighters to create a professional, chic and uber-luxe finish. Highlighter can give your skin a more polished look, whilst lifting and accentuating the contours of your face. When teamed with a little contouring highlighter will really bring your skin and face to life. A great starting point for any make-up look you might choose.

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  1. I'm 36 and have a fear of highlighters. I have some tiny scars on my cheek and when I tried to highlight with the balm Mary luminous powder (I don't remember the name) and I felt like a disco ball (I have fair neutral/cool skintone). Maybe I used to much, I don't know. But I stopped after that. But after watching this video, I ordered the full size in pearl and travel size moonstone. I think my fear will go away 🙂 thank you so much Lisa ♡ I LOVE all your advice and the more natural looking skin. I feel so much more comfortable wearing makeup after I've learned so much from you ♡

  2. Becca SSP liquid in the shade pearl is the best highlight ever! Also love the Ciate London dewy stix for a super wet look. Don't care for the highlighting trend we are seeing these days.

  3. I have a question if anybody can answer. If I want to apply cream/liquid highlighters on a combination or oily skin but cannot get away without powdering the face.. How can I retain the dewiness of the highlighter underneath? Because the powder applied over the areas will take away the highlighter's job

  4. This video was SO helpful. Also, after seeing the Becca Pearl shade in action, I think I'll decide against Moonstone. I'm afraid that's gonna be a bit too warm on my skin.

  5. This was helpful for me-it seems like I was having the problem of my highlighter disturbing my makeup & it'd get all patchy looking, but I was applying it last, so maybe that's why? Like I'd apply the foundation, concealer, blush, then the highliter, & it seems like by the time I'd apply the cream highlighter it'd just make everything else patchy & uneven. I'll try doing it before, & see if that makes a difference. Also I was using my fingers, so maybe I'll try using a brush instead. Because I really can't afford a high end one, & at the drug store it seems to be easier to find paler highlighters in cream formulas. The few powder ones are either too glittery or too dark or they don't stay put & fade quick or migrate.

  6. the Korean brand 3 concept eyes has a great highlighter called Face Glow. I have a light silvery-pearly gold shade called Santorini which seems to suit my fairish to light skin tone with very rosy cheeks (which are too extreme and I keep trying to at least tone down if not cover so that I can place the blush color of my choosing where I like). I suspect most of the shades would be flattering to paler skin since that is a quality prized my many Asian cultures, including Korea. Check it out!

  7. Hi Lisa 🙂 Thank you so much for this tutorial it was really helpful, I have a question, I use powder foundation so is it best to use powder or cream highlighter?
    Or can I use a liquid highlighter before the foundation?

  8. You'll never see this my dear Lisa, but I think you are the best teacher at make up that I've ever had the pleasure of viewing. I've watched the same videos over and over, and each time I pick up a little more. I love your videos because it's really about the technique, wonderful and varied looks and products ~ all minus the big egos I see in other videos. If I had a wish, it would be able to have lunch with Lisa and talk makeup. Wishing you tons more success Lots of love from Los Angeles,

  9. I love how you know everything about dressing every skintone. You're an expert so it makes sense that you would, but there are supposed hairdressers out there who don't know anything about African hair. And so there is that ridiculousness within other chapters of the beauty industry. I love you and your videos. <3

  10. i have watched so many videos and the way u showed how to highlight the cheeks is amazing and simple. I loved it thanx a bunch for sharing this. And pls tell me if mac highliter be any good or chanel?

  11. Hi Lisa me again, I asked you a really long question about powder highlighters – after watching your marilyn video (the one that created the illusion from the edge of her nostril to the cheek for that heart shaped effect) I am wondering if Guerlain pressed powder would do the trick. thanks and sorry for such a lengthy question xoxo.


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