Lisa Eldridge MakeUp Basics: Concealer Tutorial


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For all the products that are featured in this film click on the links below:
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This film is the third of three tutorials on how to do perfect Primer, Foundation and Concealer. Concealer is the secret weapon of make up; I show you how to deploy it.
I hope you find this tutorial useful, Thanks for watching.

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  1. I like your channel because you apply makeup like I was taught by my mum who was a real glamorous Heddy Lamarr lookalike. The whole concealer thing on YouTube is OTT! I put concealer in places that need concealer, I also got a great tip on Wayne Goss' s channel. He says that you should put concealer on the shadow of the eyebag and it works! Obviously it makes sense to not put a lighter concealer under the e es if you are trying to cover that area. This in my opinion would simply highlight the problem area. I do use a tiny bit of a lighter concealer on the outer corners and under any eye baggage and around my nose because I have some broken capillaries which probably came from my horse riding past…being from halfway between Aberdeen and Inverness the weather used to be wild at times but mum used to slap Nivea or Ponds on our faces so we didn't get wind burn too much. Woah..really off at a tangent with no punctuation! Losing the plot with that and my eve more regular Senior Moments lol!
    I was just informed that it isn't broken capillaries around my nose, apparently I had quite a large Strawberry mark under and around my nose and a little bit on my collar bone and on the back of my neck…you live and learn lol!

  2. Before I watched your videos I would always apply too much skin makeup on! Then I threw out my foundations and my skin got a bit more clear. Now I use good skincare on my skin and only spot cover and powder and it look so much better. Thanks a lot <3

  3. Idk why when I apply concealer it appears as really shiny and artificial looking on photographs.its like my undereyes have a it coz I'm using the wrong colour or the concealer itself is bad? Or is it because of the technique?

  4. Hi Lisa, I am really into watching your videos. I like the way you explain and educate viewers with valuable tips. You are so gentle with the brush on the models' skin. You are soft spoken and has a soothing voice too. Would you please do an update for concealing, tell us how to choose the right texture and shade, for oily skin type, and your current recommendation? Thanks.

  5. please show us how to cover the dark circle. the normal concealer is not working on my dark circle, and it just makes my dark circle more obvious… I don't know why

  6. Lisa, I am a 38 yo woman with normal, non sensitive, non acne prone skin. My complexion, wrinkles, etc. is quite good for my age, except for my one problem area. My undereye area is dark with loose crepey skin. I have tried many concealers, tried light setting and baking. I end up with either no concealment, or creasing, or a dry desert looking under eye. Please help with any suggestions you may have.

  7. Hi Lisa. Thanks for the great tips. Even if the video is already "older", I would like to ask you whether you have an idea for my problem. I am 45 years old and therefore have fine lines under my eyes. In addition, the skin is very very thin and always slightly dehydrated, but also a bit oily. Now my problem is, that Concealer always instantly flakes, even if I shortly before prep the skin with extra moisture. Even foundation for dry skin is immediately flaking. I have really tried all kinds of Concealer, also very expensive one. And anyway, it's getting flaky immediately. What to do? Do you have an idea? Thank you πŸ˜‰ I learn so much with your videos. (sorry for my english..)

  8. Anyone have recommendations for light reflecting concealer NOT in the pen-brush thing? I've had horrible luck with those going weird and moldy if I even look at them wrong, I don't know why. (Like well within the use by date, applied to clean skin only, not used in an unusually dirty environment… I think they just hate me.)

  9. Hi Lisa, I adore your videos and can't tell you how much I've learned from them. I am 51 and have been struggling to find a good concealer that hides my pigmentation. I am fair skinned and my skin is dry, and have a large pigmentation patch on my forehead and a medium sized one dead center on my right CHEEK. Yikes!!!! They are not too dark yet just annoying enough to be noticeable and it REALLY bothers me. Is Laura Mercier sc good for dry skin? If not then what would you recommend? Also can I use Mac face and body foundation on my face (hate looking like I have foundation on) when I need med/heavy concealing for my pigmentation? PLS HELP!!


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