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  1. Have you ever tried flaxseed gel in your hair? It's a diy gel that people have been making by boiling flaxseeds and collecting the "slime" that results from that. I know people with very curly hair (most people who have made videos so far are of African descendance) are adoring it. My own hair is a little thinner and less naturally wavy than yours and I found that if I use just a small amount of this diy gel as a kind of leave-in conditioner, I also very much enjoy it despite not having curly hair. Were I to use too much, it would just make my hair sticky and impossible to comb (which I personally do quite often), but with using just a little bit, it really makes my hair shinier and makes it feel much stronger… So since your hair seems to be sort of midway between my hair type and the hair type that most people making videos have (i.e. very curly/kinky), I would be very curious to know what you think of it… 😉

  2. Girl I think we have the same hair type, so this is gonna help me a lot. Although I've always had a hate relationship with my hair because it's damaged and frizzy. Right now it is SUPER thin because it keeps falling and it makes me wanna cry (plus I have a loooot of flyaways which look disgusting), but I know my time will come. I have faith!!! Thanks for inspiring me☀

  3. I’d recommend not using the dry shampoo you showed as I got a third degree chemical burn from patch testing it. If you want a good dry shampoo, try the Living Proof PhD dry shampoo. It smells amazing and won’t burn you.

  4. I have to wear my hair up most of the time for work. And my hair is maybe slightly curlier than yours but whenever I work I just throw my hair up and I can’t take it down and it look nice it goes in every which direction with lumps and bumps. Any tips for that? I feel like the only way to make it look better after that is to go ahead and wash it or just use conditioner of course. But are there any other ways to protect it when I have to wear it up?

  5. Loreal Botanicals shampoo and conditioner are about 10 euro each and they're 97% natural, sulfates parabens and silicone free which help with frizz control. I have similar hair to You, just shoulder blade length. It helps so much for me. I have just used it once and my hair is still so moisturised after 2 days

  6. I have the same hair type as yours, I’ve been relaxing my hair straight but one day I had enough I cut my hair short but still do straighten it with a flat iron cause I felt insecure. Wavy short hair looks ugly on me because my hair is so frizzy. I’m trying to grow my hair out and after watching how nice your hair turns out maybe then I’ll stop styling my hair straight.

  7. This is why you don't judge a book by its cover. I feel like her hair is more on the wavy side than curly but none the less, she knows what she's talking about. Got the vocabulary & terminology down too. I like how even though her curl pattern is very different & looser than mines I can still relate to her struggle & process & methods because most of what she is saying applies to me & other girls with curly hair period. Thank you!

  8. how do you sleep with your hair to preserve it for the following days? I find that is my main issue as I have hair that’s a little curlier than yours and I can never preserve the curls I have.

  9. It’s Amie!
    So I have the same kind of hair as you, and it used to be the same length until last year when I cut it off. I have had for over a year now problems with a very very dry and horrible itchy scalp. I’ve talked to so many people and they all say shampoo everyday. People tell me I’m crazy for using shampoo everyday but it’s supposed to “help my scalp” but it doesn’t! So should I try not using shampoo everyday because your hair for how curly it is has barley ANY frizz and I have curly hair and it gets so frizzy and it’s so frustrating. I shower and shampoo and condition my hair everyday for my whole life because I’ve always been told this. I was told from my mom it gets oily when you don’t wash it and it doesn’t!?! What!?! Help! What do you suggest when you hear about my scalp and hair problem?

  10. yay I'm so glad you did this video! I took your advice a while ago about using matrix shampoo and my hair truly feels and looks better so I'll definitely listen to you again on these tips. Thank you for making this!

  11. good tips! I have the same hair as you and wash it once a week or ever 10 days. And never use a brush, always a big tooth comb. Sometimes I use coconut oil in my hair which is nice. And before bed I always braid it


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