LONG HAIR CARE ROUTINE (how to grow long healthy hair)


You guys requested it, so here it is– my hair care routine! ♡

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  1. Your hair looks fantastic.
    For dry shampoo, I like to use a homemade mixture of cornstarch, cacao powder, and a little cinnamon. Makes for a darker powder and the cinnamon irritates the scalp a little which causes more surface blood flow and helps with growth. I used to shed way too much hair for my liking, and this is one of the things that seem to be having a positive effect with that… I dip a dry blush brush in it, tap out the excess, and dab the brush to my roots in sections. Takes me about 10 minutes, but I feel it does a better job than some store bought dry shampoo sprays, so to me it's well worth it. I usually apply on the third or fourth day and it gives me an extra 2, maybe 3 days.. 😉

  2. Your hair is SOOO thick! How do you get so much body and volume? I have really long hair too and it used to be thick, but it's been falling out and getting thinner for the past few years. Do you have any tips on how I can get my thickness back?

  3. LOL im dead laughing. Your hair r amazing. I have the same hair and im taking care of them. DUDE do you know how jealous ppl can get? They hate me bc of my hair DAMN


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