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How I care for my thigh length hair and keep it a-growin'! Click here for more details and all the specific products I use ⬇⬇⬇

How to hairtype yourself:

How I comb my hair:

Oil Treatments info:

———- WASH INFO ———-

I wash every other day.

On wash days, I use a sulfate shampoo on my scalp only. (Some shampoos I like are the LUSH Godiva shampoo bar and the Herbal Glo Dandruff Dry Scalp Shampoo).

After shampooing, I condition the length using a silicone conditioner (Pantene Daily Moisture Renewal is a favorite).
*** After applying my conditioner, I clip my hair up for a few minutes to get the most benefit. ***

I dry my hair with a tee shirt, and then let it air dry the rest of the way.

I always apply an oil as a leave-in after washing; I apply more or less depending on whether I will be wearing my hair up or down. (I will put in as much oil as I can get away with! 😉) In this video, I used Sesa hair oil, but I also like pure argan oil too!

———- STYLES ———-

I tend to keep my hair up in protective styles most days.

I do cinnamon buns on weekdays and different braids on weekends.

I only let my hair down for special occasions.

I sleep with my hair in a braid.

———- DETANGLING ———-

I always wait until my hair is 100% dry before detangling.

I only use a wide tooth comb and my fingers to detangle.

For more info, see this video where I explain in detail how to detangle gently:


*** This is the most important part of my routine!! ***

I do weekly deep treatments with natural oils.

See this video for more info on how and why I do them:

———- I RARELY/NEVER ———-

Brush my hair when it's wet

Dye my hair

Use heat tools (blow dryer, hair straightener, curling iron)

Use brushes or other mechanical styling tools

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  1. I can recommend natural hair colour- henna as a part of the conditioning. I buy my own in Lush. I have not used the conditioner for a year and a half now. I gave away blow dry my hair and using other harmful products. As per your oily scalp, if you have, I use a tonic. Grab fresh sage and put it in a jar, cover it with apple cider vinegar and leave it for two weeks in a dark, dry place. Every time in the shower, put 2 tablespoons of the tonic (I eyeball it) in a litre or two of water and just rinse it after you have washed it. I swear, it helps. My hair is not that oily (usually already the next day is oily and gross). I do oil treatment with coconut oil before every washing. This is the first year of growing my hair and I am very optimistic. Thank you for your advice and tips.

  2. My hair type is probably 2a it has very small beach waves but the longer it gets the more weighed down it is and the straighter it is, my hair is VERY THICK I am Native American( Cherokee and Blackfoot) so I get my thick hair from that!

  3. I dont hve dandruff before but now i have so i change my hairwash routine same as her i wash my hair every other day and i rinse it with a water filter(good for hairfall accdng to other vlog). Now my dandruff reduce though my hairfall are still.

  4. My hair journey is super difficult. But i massage scalp daily. Daily hair comb and hand comb. I finally got a micro fibre towel. My environment for this journey is volitle and gross though. I just began this hair journey maybe a year ago. Wash every two weeks. No hair oils because I can't afford it. Moving around being homeless and outdoors is really affecting my journey. Right now it is coarse and tightly coiled. An inch in the back and maybe 4-5 in front. Dark 1b color.

  5. Do you have any history of long hair in your family, and do you believe terminal length is a real thing that prevents us from growing our hair? I can't grow mine past mid ribs, and I have the same hair type as you. (So nice to have validation on the sulfates thing.) Thank you!

  6. What do you suggest for women who are gray and have to color their hair but, still want long hair? Please reply! I am 50 and totally gray but i want to grow my hair out!! Please help!! What do you suggest?


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