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There are many ways to describe luxury. Some people may define it as a brand name, whereas others talk about exclusivity. But what truly defines luxury is its high-quality products that are unique and pricey. In Georgia, Tbilisi has the best luxury cosmetics in the country. Here is a list of some famous places to shop in Tbilisi, Georgia:

-Lalaberidze Store: This store has been around since 1854 and offers an array of brands like Guerlain, Kiehl’s, and Elizabeth Arden.

-Guram Gvasalia Store: The store’s owner has a style that is all his own and incorporates various “unusual” products like eyeglasses and glasses frames with crystals or gold pieces on them.

-Zurab Tsereteli Shop: This shop was founded back in 1829 by Zurab Tsereteli, an artist from Georgia who became famous during that time for being the.

The best luxury cosmetics in Tbilisi Georgia

Georgia is a country that cannot but admire! If you are just planning to get to know her, take note of our advice on how Georgian people can replenish their beauty arsenal.

Georgia is famous for baklava, Kakhetian wine, searing adjika, and more recently – also for cosmetics, which are definitely worthy of your attention. We have selected those without which acquaintance with Georgia can be considered incomplete. So, what to bring from Georgia for your beauty arsenal?

Decorative cosmetics Liya x Káshkash 

Georgian brands Liya and Káshkash have launched the country’s first make-up brand. The new project of a fashion brand and a care cosmetics brand was named Liya x Káshkash.

The cosmetics are made from organic, plant-based ingredients, and the beauty secrets of Georgian grandmothers inspire the recipes. In the first release of the brand, there are four moisturizing lipsticks: red, crimson, berry, and gloss with a pearl shine.

The stylist of Liya x Káshkash was Nino Eliava, and Lika Goglidze developed the design of the cases. You can buy cosmetics on the MORE is LOVE platform or on the Liya website.

Aptos facelift threads from Tbilisi Georgia

The thread method of rejuvenation, like the contouring, has found as many opponents as fans. Unlike injections with hyaluronic acid, Aptos threads tighten the skin without surgery and therefore without stitches, scars and postoperative pain.

When developing Aptos products, Georgian cosmetologists relied on the latest research in the field of aesthetic surgery. The result exceeded all expectations – the threads, like a surgeon’s scalpel, “revive” atrophied tissues, giving the face a stable contour.

Grape Seed Oil by Winery Khareba

Grape Seed Oil by Winery Khareba is an all-natural product. It contains grape seed oil, which is made from the pressed seeds of grapes. For a long time, grape seed oil has been used in beauty products and the skincare industry because it is known for its ability to moisturize and nourish the skin. This product also includes vitamin E, which has healing properties and helps protect the skin from damage. Grapeseed oil is a great option for individuals with sensitive skin because of its natural ingredients.

If your task is not only to moisturize the skin of the face but also to restore a healthy look to your hair, there is no better helper than grape seed oil from Winery Khareba. In addition to the fact that it can be eaten, the substances contained in grape seed – and, accordingly, in oil – have an extremely beneficial effect on the skin.

The effectiveness of 100% cold-pressed oils is legendary all over the world. Vitamin E prevents skin aging and serves as a UV filter, retinol (or vitamin A) moisturizes the skin, and vitamin C stimulates cell renewal processes and thereby improves complexion. If you have ever used Caudalie cosmetics, then the miraculous properties of grape oil are familiar to you firsthand – this is perhaps one of the most effective means for moisturizing the skin.

Lotion from Bamus in Tbilisi Georgia

Luxury Cosmetics Ltd Sri Lanka

Bamus remedy will help save comedones, toxins, and enlarged pores. Abilion is a lifesaver in case the skin microrelief needs to be restored as soon as possible. The product does not contain artificial flavors, emulsifiers, and heavy metals.

He is praised for his help in the fight against anticoagulants (acne, antioxidants, comedones). The rest of the abilion works for a solid four: it seems to be ok, but not impressive. But if you are looking for an approach to Georgian cosmetics – this is the beginning, middle and, perhaps, even the end of your search.

Enjoy & Joy – Georgian cosmetics

The Georgian company Enioy & Joy was founded in 2000. She specializes in the production of skin care cosmetics. For a short period of work in the cosmetic market, the brand has established itself as a manufacturer of quality products that do not contain chemical ingredients that are harmful to human health or the environment.

Enioy & Joy cosmetics – revolution in the world of cosmetology

 Georgian scientists have developed and created innovative cosmetics that can permanently get rid of the unpleasant sensations of increased sweating. The products are made on the basis of unique recipes, they consist of natural ingredients. Raw materials for production are purchased from well-known world suppliers and international certification commissions confirm their quality. The products effectively eliminate unwanted effects from excessive work of sweat glands and do not harm the body.

Enioy & Joy for gentle skincare

Preparations from the Georgian trademark delicately eliminate the smell of sweat in all problem areas. At the same time, they do not interfere with natural sweating, but regulate it, do not clog the sweat glands, and do not cause them to swell. Revolutionary formulas combat odor without negatively affecting the glands. The products are perfectly absorbed and do not leave white marks on the skin. They, unlike other deodorant products, can be applied simultaneously in the groin area, under the armpits, and on the legs, cosmetics do not cause allergies and are non-toxic.

Enioy & Joy, natural care products, are worth buying for the following reasons:

The products have been tested for allergenicity and toxicity

Cosmetics are made from natural ingredients and are not harmful to the health

You can apply deodorant creams in the groin and axillary areas, as well as on the legs.

The effect of the drugs is noticeable within a few minutes after application and lasts for one week

The products do not leave marks on the skin and clothes

The drugs have a therapeutic effect on cracked heels, soothe the skin after a mosquito bite and on places irritated by sweat.

OYO – Georgian natural cosmetics based on Molisan

Anti-wrinkle oil with gold particles.

For normal, dry and sensitive skin.

Rose Oil perfectly nourishes, softens, and moisturizes the skin. Relieves flaking, and improves skin tone and elasticity. Evens out skin color smoothes unevenness and fine wrinkles. Promotes the absorption of vitamin D. Ideal for the delicate skin around the lips and eyes.

Active ingredients: Damask rose oil (rejuvenates and nourishes the skin, tones, softens, restoring firmness and elasticity), jojoba oil, food gold (stimulates skin regeneration and cell renewal; resists the aging process of the skin).

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