Make-up For Mature Skin – TV Highlights Lisa Eldridge


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I thought I'd put together some of my favourite bits of the 3 series I worked on of Channel 4's show ‘Ten Years Younger'. I had an amazing time working with the women who appeared on the show and became very fond of all of them. I received some amazing letters after the series ended thanking me for helping them to look and feel better which I treasure and still bring a lump to my throat! Hope you enjoy watching.

All clips courtesy of Maverick TV and Channel Four
Lisa Eldridge X

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  1. This video shows why you are a master of your craft! I loved watching how you educated these women and made them all look and feel beautiful with MINIMAL products. You are a true ARTIST!!

  2. Finally subscribed! Thx for posting these; they’re very helpful. Appreciate you providing links when possible, and it’s so very thoughtful to donate those proceeds to charity. I suspect most products are no longer easily accessible since the links are gone, but we get the idea.

  3. I LOVE WHAT "myfavoritegroovy" said below! Even though it was from 3 years ago, it is a sentiment TO STAND THE TEST OF TIME. Friendliness, encouragement, instruction and respect ARE TIMELESS. I just now saw your video, and it is as RELEVANT AND CURRENT TODAY AS WHEN YOU HELPED THESE WOMEN IN Feb 2011! I just loved it all Lisa Eldridge. I am just turned 60 but feel still YOUNG AND VIBRANT, even if time has aged my looks! Thank you for letting me see I need only have 5 minutes and 5 products to take me into a simply beautiful me with a simple natural routine! I watch ALL your videos, and appreciate your "heart" that you put so much into your art of makeup. I enjoy your talented journey that you share with all of us! Thank you!

  4. Thank you for help with menopausal skin. I am 56 used to be advisor for Lauder & need new tips for my maturing menopausal skin OH & I have 3 teenagers at home 1316/19 I cannot look old yet

  5. I love that you create an ambience of non judgement, individual attention, creatively building up self esteem and joy filled moments as each woman met her potential self. Seeing the myriad of brushes vs the minimal cosmetic items being used, is much like my setup. Love love love my brushes! I think it was Mr. Goss who said that one can create miracles with excellent quality brushes/tools (not equated to price point) & less than stellar makeup but god help one with bad brushes & expensive makeup. You surely support his perspective 🙂 5 years later and this video continues to ring true. My year this year was made when I received your beautiful signed book 'Face Paint' for my 57th birthday from my stepdaughter. I have lauded you & your magic to her for many years-we are both so enjoying the book- always something new to learn, and we appreciate the photo references and illustrations. I feel truly blessed to own your book. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you & yours Lisa ox Care

  6. Lisa I love you even more after watching this video!You are an absolute inspiration, you are the kindest and most elegant in the industry. Your knowledge is impeccable and your work is absolutely amazing you inspire me everyday!! xx


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