Make-up History – 1940’s to 1970’s


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The second instalment of my chat with Madeleine Marsh looking at her vintage collection and the history behind it. Once again this could have been an hour long…so much to say so many amazing vintage products! I’ll save the 80’s to present day for another time….maybe another vintage week in the future. Hope you have fun hearing all about the history of our favourite thing!
All images from the book in this video are shown with permission.

Lisa Eldridge X

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  1. The lady talking to you Lisa sure knows her stuff i love her outfit and hair she seemed so sweet. What makeup skincare and area is she wearing. I need to catch the first half of this.

  2. The luxury makeup brand Hourglass has a metal-wand mascara and a thin, metal-tubed lipstick like the Gala Lip Line. I wonder if they were inspired by 50's vintage makeup like these?

  3. Awesome video! That white pencil was used to add as a bold line on eyes but also to enlarge the lips plus to run it on top of lip and eye color to adjust the shade. My mother had a ton that had belonged to her mother and her mother before her. The idea was lighten your red lip to pinky for day and draw that extra white eyeliner at night.

  4. I really enjoyed the series. I want the shaker lipstick and piano powder. Why not the companies reproduce these beautiful packages again as limited edition collection?

  5. I’m suprised their wasn’t a Yardley paint box of the late 60’s. We wore the paints on our eyes and face. We were flower children. I’m talking about the USA.
    Then in very early 70’s Mary Quant came out with a squeeze out shimmer. I bought all of them. However they were in America.
    Then Mary Quant again came out with powder iridescence, the colors were incredible. Again these were in the States.

  6. I find it unfortunate that many women who love makeup now overlook the history. Equally unfortunate is the sometimes sheer volume of it we put on our faces. I'm a firm believer in doing what makes you feel beautiful, but there's something to be said about being able to see the natural beauty in your made up face. These almost drag makeup looks are beautiful in photos but I've attempted then on myself and, maybe it's my age but it looks terrible in real life. It photographs incredibly beautiful but I would be embarrassed to be too close to someone. Particularly with the full coverage makeup that is applied in a thick layer, too light concealer all over the face in a thick layer, powder absolutley everywhere if you're oily or not and brows that are nearly two inches thick. It just becomes quite literally a mask and if you're over the age of twenty five it makes your skin look worse! I know many women love the look, and I'm one of them. I just think it could be lighter and still look beautiful in photos, and even better in person.

  7. I find Lisa and her videos so informative and relaxing, this video is no exception. I have to say though this was exceptionally fascinating and Marsh is so enthralling! I could listen to that woman talk about all this history and make up for weeks on end. I absolutely adore these two videos. I'm going to be watching them over and over. I really, really hope they pair up and do another video for the 80's to present day because there is so much I feel like I don't know now!! Like so many of the aspects and history of women and the times they lived in, I didn't know or think of a lot of interesting bits and pieces brought up in these videos, we get a new perspective on it. I think it'd be pretty cool to do a video on what they think future eras will embrace as far as makeup goes, just a speculative video on looks and products they love and why, why they should come back, looks and products they don't particularly like and why they shouldn't come back, reaching back into the the 20's to Present day eras for favorites and dislikes.
    But really, they must pair up and do an 80's to Present video, it'd be amazing and informative. I loved these two videos so much. Or do a video (or two) of her entire collection. I could listen to Marsh talk for weeks, she should be a professor lol the students would be captivated.


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