Mastering Almond Shaped Nails With Suzie Technique


You would think shortening a long almond to a short almond is easy right? Not as easy as you think…. Watch the shaping skills I've learned in my career. You will master shaping too👍🏼

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Thanks to the talented composers, musicians and producers who created the music used in this video!

00.01 So Deep by Peter Peters | Jamie Elder ✫
00.50 Umbrella Corp by Alex Dovo ◦
02.25 Rissa by Valante ◦
04.06 Lost in America Part II by Daniel Kadawatha ◦
07.09 Fugue State by Maiwan ◦
14.46 Strivers Row by Jones Meadow ◦
19.59 Always Me by Maiwan ◦
24.13 Amanecer by El Neón ◦

◦ Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound

✫ Music courtesy of Audio Network Canada Inc.

Video Chapters:
00:00 Intro
02:13 Long Almond To Short Almond
14:13 Long Square To Almond
19:29 Square To Short Almond



  1. Loved this video. I to love almond shape, I find I’m able to pick things up easier and don’t break them hardly ever . Thanks again , how are your kitties doing? Cheers from Australia

  2. So I was wondering what is better to buy clear acrylic and gel? Or only acrylic and a top coat? I'm undecided on witch ones to buy. I already have every that I would need to make nails but not sure which route to go with.

  3. Great lesson today. Could you PLEEEEEEEEASE show how to address certain types of nails…. SKI JUMP… HELP !!!! How do we do these types of nails? Thank you for all you do, Susie !!!!!

  4. Hello, love ur channel! I noticed your skin looks super smooth and hydrated and especially on your hands. Could you please do a video about your routine and products you would recommend?

  5. Hey how are you doingMy name is Adriana and I think you like you a lot for me and I am in number one my family does not support my dream because I don’t know how to read and how to write I am dyslexic that’s why I don’t know I don’t know a technician is it hard it on from Krulik to tell what is easy to fine for beginner like me I’ve been going through a lot and I hope one day I get to win one of your contestI only have acrylic stuff and it’s even more harder for me to do it so which one do you think is more easierAdrianakolari2020 Plus I want to be I want to remain anonymous

  6. Not that it matters, but I started watching your channel last year, when we first went into quarantine! I have been watching you for a year now! When I discovered my love for nails I begged my mom for nail tips! She finally let me, and I have come a long way! Now, last year for Christmas i got acrylic, and ploy gel! Thank you for helping me get through quarantine!!❤️

  7. I just got the brush and the file set. I don’t wanna be dramatic, but it’s literally life changing how nice it is. It makes my doing my nails so much easier, especially around the cuticles ♥️♥️

  8. Hello beautiful love your channel and critter always Sandra man banter lol I have a question how do you Add to a bitten nail that is very bitten with a nail tip is the best to use a full length nail tip or just the tip and do I get here at one to the nail bed with acrylic first to do a full nail tip

  9. Suzie, i looove your videos so much!!! Have you ever thought about doing some fun, but VERY impractical nail designs like snowglobe nails? Just for fun 🙂


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