Meeting The EX – Chat / Makeup Therapy Video


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Inspired by a recent (and epic) conversation I had with a friend who had to face an ex soon after the break up. This quite rambly (sorry!) tutorial covers make-up tips for any stressful situations where you have been upset/stressed/crying etc. I was going to cut it right down to 10mins but after asking everyone on facebook if I should leave it long and chatty…. hundreds said yes leave it! So here it is more or less in its entirety – there’s even a guest appearance from one of my cats! Hope its helpful and useful to all of you going through something like this.

Lisa Eldridge X

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  1. I know this video is old, but I still of it as my favorite LOL…..she's so open in it and actually funny. It's a great video. And I just LOVE watching her apply the makeup.

  2. I am not sure if you will see this Lisa but I had to comment here. I have always watched a few of your videos here and there and liked them. Never thought much about it. But recently I happened to see your video where you were walking a lady through makeup looks for work and another one with 2 wedding looks .I have to say I was blown away. I loved the relaxed conversational style and great tips but more importantly your kindness and wonderful personality that came through. Today I happened to stumble upon your much older videos and had to do a double take because they all look like they were shot in the past week. Neither you nor your videos seem to age! Sorry for this really long comment but wanted to say thanks and look forward to many more of your wonderful videos.

  3. I’m binge watching your videos, they are amazing. I'm not only mesmerized by how you talk and how talented you are but also about your kindness, I see how you talk to your models, and you are always trying to making them feel good.

  4. I remember watching this after my ex left me after a year and a half of being together (which is a lot because I was 14 at the time) I never had worn makeup and I was never interested in it. But I was going through a lot as it was and then he left and I wasn't eating or sleeping and I was also crying. He wanted to meet up because we both had things to say about what he did to me. I thought I'd look terrible and he would be glad he left me. After watching this I realised makeup wasn't to hide insecurities. I used it as a way to enhance features he always didn't like about me. As a little bit of revenge. A bit of mascara to draw attention to my dark brown eyes and a slight bit of clear lip gloss on my lips. He always told me he liked thinner lips and blue eyes and light hair. I dyed my hair back to the natural black and immediately I felt way more confident. This video changed my perspective on makeup and taking care of yourself as he used to give me shit for spending time on myself like doing a face mask or deep conditioning my hair that he wanted me to bleach. Now my new man is happy I look the way I want to and never wants me to change the way I look for anyone, he doesn't get all condescending when I spend time on myself and doesn't call me vain or full of myself for doing a face mask. Ladies, I hope you too get positive perspective from videos like these. Thankyou lisa

  5. You are such an amaizing women. And yes it does get better with time. The trick is to let the time take it's course and stop touching the wound and getting back to him. Cutting ties and blocking every ray of hope towards an ex is a better solution somehow. But it's not easy to go through all this. Ofcourse easier said than done. They says that Sometimes not getting what we want is the best stroke of luck. I wish the best for everyone. Thankyou for such an amaizing video. I can literally just sit and listen to you for whole day.

  6. Aw what a honey your cat is…I've been traumatised by the amount of hair my two have shed in this hot spell in London. We have a visitor who comes every evening who is black and white, it looks like a tuxedo with white gloves and spats…I need to get hold of him and get him neutered and I will probably keep him with my other two waifs lol!

  7. Dear Lisa, I honestly did not check the full list of comments, but if no one has mentioned before, I want to point out that the best touch in your look is the shimmery hint of wet eyes towards the end of your video. That touch that only comes from understanding deeply what a situation is like and sharing the feelings. Only a heart overflowing with emotion can achieve your gorgeous, dignified look. I just loved this tutorial. THANK YOU.


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