Men and Women Don’t Buy these Fragrances!


Safe Blind Buy Fragrances but not modern anymore:
1:55 Chanel Allure Homme Sport
3:09 Dior J’adore
4:39 Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male
6:54 Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue
8:02 Thierry Mugler Angel Man
10:07 Tom Ford Black Orchid

Top 5 Fragrances for Men:

Top 5 Fragrances for Women:

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  1. I cant tell for sure but it does look like you have one of the vintage Le Male bottles. If the batch code is Q or earlier then you have the vintage. Anything 2008 or earlier would be good. There isnt much difference between the earliest bottles and the mid 2000s

  2. Fragrance is such a personal thing. Everyone can give their opinion but you should not tell me what to buy or not. J’adore is way superior than Gabrielle that’s why it has lasted for a long time as a best seller. Keep your shallow opinion to your self. If you have more informative opinion/advice I will then be interested to listen to you. Btw I can tell you are trying to fake a French accent. You are doing miserable, try to learn how to pronounce things properly rather than sound like you do to non French speakers

  3. I see no chemistry between these two. She acts like a bimbo head & he seems annoyed by her every time she talks. Also, I don’t understand why people love her, she is so plain & has no personality at all. It seems like he added her to the video like as a piece of decoration, just to attract viewers.

  4. My girlfriend used to jealous of 'Lara' when I talked about her recommending fragrances. Lol. She's cool now that she knows who Lara is. But anyways, love videos with Lara and she's always set me right.

  5. It smells like a grandma…..It smells like a chocolate…hahahaha….It smells like your suit. What is that? Velvet? What is that? Samt. It smells velvety like old, rich people …..hahahaha

  6. يا العجوز يا ولد القحبة سير احوي عاهراتك القحبات و لمنحهم زبك العظيم الدي ورثته من الفراعنة و حمادة يحنط زبه الصغير لكي يترك الناس بعده يفتخرون بالرجولة المفقودة ها ها ها ها

  7. I think Jadore is very luxurious! Gabrielle from Chanel is very shampoo smell… also Gaultier Le Male is a very ICONIC frangrance! I use it and love it! Also when JPG sold the fragrance to Shiseido, it became week! Then last year 2017 Shiseido's contract has ended so JPG sold the fragrance to Antonio Puig who is using the old formula of the fragrance so please look after all the info before you make a video! BTW the girl is dumb like an ass…


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