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If you’re reading this comment your hair type!!

FTC: This video is sponsored by Function Of Beauty. All opinions are genuine and my own

Lots of love,
Tatiana Ringsby



  1. I brush my hair in the shower as I'm rinsing my conditioner out under the stream that way the brush just glides through and then it makes parting and brushing my hair after my shower super easy. My hair is in the best condition it has ever been in.

  2. So glad to know people from Hawaii can get noticed too. I am from Oahu and still live here and modeling is my dream but I feel like I have to go to the mainland to get started. Really happy for you Tati!!!

  3. wish they ship to south east asia. or do they? bcs i kinda need that my hair falls are super duper bad and im so stressed out now bcs my hair has become so thin. if anyone has any tips please help me

  4. it's kinda hard to believe that you genuinely love a company when 1 you've never mentioned this brand before this video and 2. it's a sponsored video. I understand social media influencers rely on sponsorships to have a stable flow of income and I'm not hating but the last 8 vids you made, 6 of them were sponsorships. idk i just feel the more sponsorships you make, the more disconnected your audiences feel to you. maybe its just me

  5. I trust your opinion so much when it comes to makeup Tati, what is your favourite bronzer? I really want to try a new one and I know you will have a good recommendation!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  6. I'd just like to see a video where a youtube recommends something without that sentence being followed by "they reached out to me/ this video is in partnership with.. / thank you to … for sponsoring this video / but I really DO genuinely love them"


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