Morning Skincare Routine for Younger Looking Skin!


Here’s the Morning Skincare Routine that’s helped me “Age Backwards”! Long intro… the routine starts at 5:25!
Watch my Evening Skincare Routine Here:

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Today’s Makeup:
Sephora 12 Hr. Contour Eyeliner Pencil in “Flirting Game”:
Lancome Definicils Mascara: (Sephora), (Ulta), (Nordstrom)

Nail Polish: Essie Gel Couture in “Take A Walk”:
Essie Gel Couture Topcoat:

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  1. thank you 'im 52 and never really took care of my skin' i been watching your videos'. you helped me know what to buy for my skin' there are so many products out there that i git overwhelmed and walk out the store without anything .. so you did all the research for me thanks. also you eyes look great ' no more hooded eyes…i wish that can happen to me as well..

  2. So informative thank you so much! im 34 but have just started to really appreciate taking good care of my skin and just discovered about Vit C, retinol and hyaluronic acid, etc. and your video covered everything! yay!! new sub!

  3. Is it safe to incorporate the ordinary alpha aburtin with these products ? If so where can I plug it ? Or the vit c would be sufficient to lighten up dark marks

  4. Really enjoy your vlogs. Are there any changes to your routine? Any thoughts on Squalane? Thank you… You are gorgeous for someone of any age! 🙂

  5. Hi Angie…on an older skincare routine video you mentioned using Advanced Clinical Retinol to mix with your Alpha Skin Care lotion for full body lotion. When I went to Amazon to order, the first review of the retinol product was bad, claiming the product has Triethanolamine, a by-product of ethylene oxide and ammonia. What are your thoughts on this? I highly regard your opinion about products, but not digging that this seems to be a very toxic product.

  6. I just viewed this video & am wondering if you still use this skin regimen? If not, what do you now use? My skin has changed over t hgv e past 2-3 yrs & I've changed skincare regimens & a year l8r, am second-guessing my choices. I am limited by some sensitivity & a few ingredient allergies.

  7. Hi Angie! I know you said you don’t use your vitamin C serum with your Retina. Do you think it’s ok to use vitamin C serum with the gentler Cerave retinol serum? I use them together at night and haven’t had any issues, but now I am concerned because I have heard several people say not to use retinol products with vitamin C. What do you think?

  8. Hey Angie ! I recently found your channel & have been playing catch-up with your videos !! Do you have any updates on your AM and PM routines ? I got the Australian Gold and Make P:rem sunscreens you recently recommended, but you don’t mention them in those videos from Nov 2016. THANKS !

  9. I’ve recently subscribed to your channel … and you look fabulous and are absolutely so knowledgeable… I’ve already bought many of the products that you use in your day and night routine… I was wondering if you had any input on bee venom and if you’ve tried it and if so do you recommend it???

  10. I love the Pixi Glow Tonic! The same as you, I use it 2-3 times a week. I use it everytime I shave my face, and the Glycolic acid has not only helped with shaving irritation and inflammation, but made my skin stronger and healthier!Also love the BM Prep Step Suncreen Primer! So sad it’s DC’d! Would love to know why!


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