Mother’s Day Nail Art – Pro Tips: Gel Polish and Calligraphy Pen


Suzie has fun adding Messages on Her Nails. This video has excellent tips on using Gel Polish, and Calligraphy Pen to create a very personal Nail Art Design.

0:50 Gel Polish Technique
4:45 Glitter Gel Coat
5:40 Remove Gel Top ‘Sticky’ Layer
6:09 Buff with File
7:00 Use Calligraphy Pen and White Ink for adding words
10:25 Top Coat
11:24 Full Cure with Gel Curing Lamp
11:54 Remove Gel Top ‘Sticky’ Layer
12:03 Cuticle Oil
12:10 Finished Design Reveal Photo’s

Products used in this video:

Dark Pink #31, Light Pink #30, Pink Sparkle – #18, GEL TOP COAT

File – DUET 180/180 by INM

Super Pigmented Acrylic and Calligraphy Pen

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  1. Can u believe they don't teach cursive writing in Canadian schools any more! Not any I know of in Ontario anuway! Ugh calligraphy is so beautiful and our children won't even be able to write in cursive letter alone calligraphy it's sad

  2. I have lately found the love of have nails. I want to learn how to fill my nails myself. Could you point me in the directions of the liquid and powder I can use? I have looked on all ur site and can't find if you sell the powders.

  3. SO cute…. I've been binge watching your channel and I gotta say thanks because in one of the other vids the discount code for the led lamp is VERY generous 70% off, not sure if the code you mention here is the same or not I didn't bother to look.

  4. hi Suzie I love watching all your tutorials I was wondering what is the difference between gel polishes and how do you know which brand works better and where can u find them?


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