My Daily Shower Routine


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Shower Caddy (similar)

Dial Soap

Sashawashi Body Mitt

Frank Body Original Scrub

Billie Razor

Glossier Body Hero Shower Oil

Windle & Moodie Shampoo

Windle & Moodie Conditioner


Epicuren Coconut After Bath Moisturizer

De Mamiel Revitalizing Body Serum



Wendy Faye Bar Studs

Wendy Faye Birdie Ring

Catbird Threadbare Rings


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  1. Yes I'm quite aware that this video is about a week old at this point but I still wanted to make my own non criticism comment. And please don't lunge at me cuz I'm a really good sweetheart person. so don't shred me to tears. I believe I've been a subscriber to you approximately less than one year & I really enjoy a lot of your content especially when is just like a regular day with your kitties, you taking us around your normal day etc I can relate. I can really relate on the mental aspect of your videos, being super transparent & talking with us about it. a lot of us struggle such as myself w/ a lot of the similarities you go through . Okay so I'm just going to be super transparent because that's who I am. And please don't take this the wrong way at all! I'm much older than you but kind of still youngish side LOL. In all of my years I've never heard an adult say that they don't like to take a shower and or get their body wet. Now I've heard kids not liking to take baths or showers but never an adult. Normally as an adult as myself it's so relaxing, it unwinds you, it clears your mind Etc. I'm just quite baffled behind LOL your statement. Just never heard of that before. Naturally to each their own.

  2. I love you so much Joanna hope your mental health is getting better, I'm so thankful you're alive<3 I also miss your cosmo videos and i wish we were friends in real life! Love from Italy-been following you for more than a year now

  3. Ok so here’s the nosy thing I have been wondering about lately. How much soap/body wash do people go through? I feel like I watch empties videos where they go through massive amo7nts of body products, whereas I’m over here using the same bottle for ages. Is everyone else just cleaner than me?

  4. I'm such a sucker for Insta Ads. It's a problem because I'm a broke college student and I don't need sustainably made lingerie or minimalist kitchen utensils, but goddamn it I want it!

  5. Hey heads up fellow regular folks, you can make a bomb shower scrub at home super easily. I like mixing brown sugar and avocado oil. Makes your skin feel sooo good and your skin tastes great after too (yknowam'sayin). But you can throw all kinds of good junk in there!


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