My Daily Skincare Routine | Kylie Jenner


Kylie Jenner gives us a tutorial and product list of her easy daily skincare routine!



  1. Where is Kylie?????? We haven't seen this girl since she was 15. How can someone who has completely paid for a new face be so popular??? Best part is the fact when she tried to act like her new swollen lips were real. Bitch get the fuck out of here. This entire family is mental. I bet if the world ignored all of them for one month they would kill themselves. Good idea, let's do it

  2. Because that's all she knows ,she doesn't know anything else, she thinks she is black lol, I feel sorry for this girl she wants to be like Kim , she did the fake butt and lips

  3. Kylie is ur product not working for u or did u steal someone idea like ur idiot sister, this girl way into herself, that's why she wears alot of make up to make herself pretty it's not working , u plastic all the way fake ass and lips


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