My Eyebrow Philosophy & Routine


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I’ve been asked many times what i do to my brows to keep them in shape and how I make them up etc. This film will hopefully answer all those questions as I describe my personal routine. I have a very low maintenance brow routine which suits me and I’m not suggesting others have to do the same. Hopefully it will be interesting for those of you who asked! x

Lisa Eldridge X

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  1. thank you so much. if only i have seen this video earlier. for years i am struggling with coarse, black sparse brows without an arch and particular shape. this was really helpful.

  2. Hey Lisa! I want wondering if you could do a tutorial for us( passionate lovers, inspired makeup artists) begginers with makeup. Like what is what? And what is it for? What brush is what and how to use it?

  3. I was recently asked where I get my eyebrows done and I was kinda taken aback because I've only tweezed the radom hairs closest to the eyelid. Au natural stands out, for sure.
    I've heard from Wayne Goss that if you want to stand out, you need to do the opposite of what is trendy. I like that bold eyebrows are more of a thing in todays trends, but I also dont want to want to invest in the time it takes to do them everyday.

  4. Lisa, I saw the video with Alexa Chung and she wanted to grow her eyebrows out. I heard you tell her you knew of a product for her to use. Like her, I have over-plucked and waxed in the 90's and now I'm looking for a good serum. Can you recommend what she used? xoxo

  5. It's great that you ARE fussy about your brows. It is dreadful when someone waxes or plucks too much…
    I got married in 1999 and the week before I went to have my brows 'tidied up'. I had beautiful brows just like Brooke Shields in a time when brows were pencil thin (it was still the 90's). People used to make fun of my brows but I didn't care, I liked them.

    I explained my needs but the beautician ignored everything I said and waxed and plucked until I too had pencil thin brows! I was in shock!
    They have never grown back properly and I still have trouble with them.
    One of my life regrets…

  6. I like my brows. Not too thick not too thin. No fill in required. But now this is the embarrassing part. I get eyelash hairs growing out of my upper eyelids. No idea why they decided to grow there. Just know that with dark brown hair they’re noticeable and get in the way of shadows. There has been plenty of plucking. Tried getting them removed through threading and then ended with little black stump specks. Guess I’m wondering if anyone has any other ideas for how to handle these stubborn hairs.

  7. This is a beautiful technique, you are beautiful, and very talented. I love all your videos! I just want to mention that as we age, many of us get that hideous wrinkle across the nose bridge, and the "11"s between the brows, both of which can make us look angry, so now you wouldn't want to enhance that bottom inner brow line as much, but perhaps the upper line instead. And the real intense arches can add to the angry look, so sometimes we need to round off the arch (not much, though, because then you can get the Surprised Look). Just my opinion, of course.

  8. I like your way of making eyebrows!!! I always do the same thing step by step and I have never understood girls, who put too much colour on their eyebrow! you have a greate sense of style, as a lady from aristocratic class!

  9. I beg to differ, I dislike huge thick brows so much, I think yours are normal to thinner side, they look pretty. But I prefer to have thinner eyebrows that don't take the attention off my eyes than bushy thick eyebrows.

  10. Thank you for the video.
    I like the way you fill the eyebrows, with the light strokes instead of harsh lines and weird gradients. They keep looking like hair, as they should, instead of a carpet. It's hard to find makeup artists with that approach.

  11. I've been lucky. I have naturally full and nicely arched eyebrows. I just clean them up a bit with tweezers, like you, and use a nice coloured volumizing eyebrow gel or powder and clear gel. I wonder how you feel about the faded, super perfect Instagram brow, inspired by drag Queens? I ask because I hate that look so much lol. more natural brows just look so much more beautiful to me

  12. i have seen many women in their 50's+ that over plucked when they were young and now have those odd clowny upside-down 'u' shaped brows… is there a way to correct that with make-up. The trouble is, they need the framing of a brow, but enhancing that odd shape doesn't bring the strength that brows should bring. Any suggestions?

  13. Such a useful video, many thanks Lisa! My brows are naturally a bit sparse, I've never really needed to pluck them apart from very occasional stray hair but now I'm over 50 some of the hairs seem to be growing a bit long so is it ok to cut them? I'm worried about having gaps if I do………


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