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Diy Anti-Dandruff Oil

Messy Beachy Waves:


My Go-To Brown Smokey Eye

Intense Purple Smokey Eyes/Deep Red Lips

Smokey Coppery Eyes – CheezzMakeup


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  1. hi mam I bumped into ur vlog which was 6 years ago ur hair was pretty short. now it's so long how did you grow it so long please can you give me some tips..

  2. Hey, can you pls tell me how can I thinken my hair after shampoo it's very very thin like rats tails.. I do mix meethi powder with shampoo.. I use good quality hair oil/spray before ironing.. To make my hair look thick and nice @ office .Also I used zafran and milk for face to brighten .. But can u pls advice else.. My skin tone is like yours…Thank your advice on beauty tips.. Most of them are very useful.. I will def try the remedies with potato lemon and rice. For brighting hands and feet.. My legs/feet and arm are dark comparing to my face color.. Earlier my feet used to be very fair but no more.. I feel ashamed of wearing any lovely footwear.. Huh!

  3. Thank you! I have had a dandruff problem since I moved from warm weather state to a cold weather state. I have not tried Dove, just everything else lol… so I will try that. I am also going to try to use the egg and olive oil because my hair falls easily and I eat and hydrate pretty well. Thank you for your videos… I stumbled upon your account literally last Wednesday. I have been using the turmeric just to cleanse and help my face and also to whiten my teeth, and it works. My husband thinks its awesome and great because we both try to use as much environment friendly products as possible.
    Have a great week!


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