MY HAIR SECRETS – Hair Care Routine 2017 (for thin frizzy hair)


My Hair Secrets – Hair Care Routine 2017 (for thin frizzy hair) MrJovitaGeorge – HAIR HACKS – HAIR CARE TIPS – AT HOME REMEDIES
Satthwa hair oil:
DIY Onion – Ginger Anti-hairloss hair mask:
DIY Avocado – Glossy hair, anti-frizz hair mask:
DIY Fenugreek anti-dandruff hair mask:

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  1. As someone who lived in Kuwait, I can tell you the water is to blame for a lot of problems people have. I can totally vouch for avocado for your hair especially if you want instant shine. It works wonders! I add in honey to make it "bind" or "stick" better.

    I looked at the sattwa oil and realised you can actually make it yourself by just mixing all the oils together as they are commonly available (at least castor, vitamin e, coconut, almond) and the vitamins can be obtained through taking supplements to help your hair and are common too. You'll probably get the same results if you are consistent with it.

    Just my two cents worth as someone who obsesses over my hair after a lot of it fell due to prolonged intake of medicines.

  2. I was just abt to ask you if you will go back to short hair n u just said "I will chop my hair" Iol I really think my opinion that u look very beautiful n youthful with long hair, short hair although it's manageable it doesn't look that good with ur face frame my opinion .. !

  3. I used to love your videos, but sadly not any more. Your titles of videos are not true to the title. When you want to promote a product, have the title true to the content instead of misleading titles like what I eat in a day which is just a promotional video


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