My Haircare Routine! Perfect for Indian Hair!


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Products Mentioned:
-Loreal Evercream Nourishing Shampoo
-Loreal Evercream Nourishing Conditioner
-Organic Virgin Coconut Oil
-Extra Virgin Olive Oil
-CHI 44 Iron Guard
-Dove Refresh and Care Dry Shampoo
-So Sexy Nourish Moisture Mask – Victorias Secret

What I am wearing:
Shirt: Forever21
Necklace: Brinabox (dot) com
Blush: Benefit Coralista
Lipstick: Rimmel London “06”

*All products worn/shown were bought with my own money*



  1. hi arshia, i have very dry and frizzy hair.. what should i do to get bouncy silky smooth hair.. actually i followed all d tips u gave but still it becomes more frizzy and i'm not able to leave my hair free.. always i put pony tail becoz of it.. it would b great if u can help me with any idea…

  2. If I can suggest something, I would suggest you try Argan Rain natural shampoo which has great soft and silky hair with less frizzies, argan oil massage it into your hair while it is dry. Wrap it up in a warm towel from the drier and sit for an hour or so. Maybe give yourself a facial at the same time. Then get in the shower, and argan rain shampoo. Vooooovvv! No dandruff and you will have beautiful silky hair.

  3. +Arshia's Makeup is it true that coconut oil damages your hair? Because for me, among the two, olive oil and coconut oil, olive oil works best and instead coconut oil makes my hair rough, unwillingly curly and dry.
    Looking forward to your reply!

  4. Hi
    Your hair texture is gorgeous!!! I wish mine was that straight all of the time! 🙂 I have very curly unruly hair, and I do flat iron once a week. Whenever I do I always and always use heat protectant. The Loreal shampoo and conditioner that you mentioned in the video I also use that as well on my hair..he he!! And I also loveeee the way that product smells, and what it does for my hair as well!!! You are very very right! Good product!!! How long did your hair grow out to be for your wedding?

  5. First of all thank you for the video and second, try and use the shampoo from the brand khadi. I used to have the mooost most dry hair, like the top layer was always frizzy and so unmanageable . Although I used organic argan oil coconut oil almond oil etc… And then I switched to khadi the rose repair shampoo and the organic Amla oil before washing the hair and I am so blowed away by the results.. They both together literally do wonders for my hair. I am Persian by the way but I guess our hair is pretty similar. I would definitely recommend this to give it a try. It doesn't lather that much but I got used to it. It's a German brand but I guess it is also available in other countries.

  6. def coconut oil! i have dry hair as well and i started using it 5 months ago and my hair feels so silky and shiny! i always love indian hair and skin ! very exotic you are very pretty 🙂

  7. Your brand new subbie… Finally an Indian making good videos.. I get all my beauty products shipped from US but at times or most of the time I end up not liking them so much since i dont personally get to test them while buying.. Happy to have you helping me choose what works on indian skin and hair…

  8. I love the loreal conditioner and very soon running out of it. Where did you pick yours I was looking for it and couldn't find it anymore! bummer…haha. Loving your videos girl 🙂

  9. It's amazing how much I could relate to this video 😀

    I had my hair up to my hips but it was time for some good chopping because it was so dry in the ends & had plenty of split ends. I stopped taking care of it so now that I got a haircut on the 1st of this month. I miss my hair sooo much!! :/ It's now in layers from my shoulders to a bit above my the bra strap. Never in my life have I had it so short. I'm now doing the leave in olive oil treatment twice a week & hope it truly helps to grow it out & become healthy. 

    My hair is very thick & could be somewhat oily but since my dad has very straight hair & my mom has poofy curly hair I was blessed with frizzy, poofy (if i comb it even if it's wet) straight-wavy hair -__-  I don't want to use any kind of heat for it but I do wish my hair was straight like yours since it's in layers it'd look really nice. Since I have a lot of thick, crazy hair & it's short it looks… Not cute 🙁

    What do you recommend for heat free techniques on styling my hair. I recently just began leaving it in a small chubby bun since leaving it down isn't much of an option. I hope you see my comment & have the chance to reply. I'd greatly appreciate it. I love your videos <3

    P.S If you happen to go on my channel & all you see is makeup videos is because I use youtube for mostly to just watch beauty tutorials… It's what I love. I hope to someday start doing videos like yourself. Some day some day 🙂 It's a relief to know you are also letting your hair grow out! Take Care beautiful!

  10. good tips, thank you. You kind of mentioned fiancé few times and wedding ..please do a video of your look/get ready with you video,  if you had an engagement . Just a handy advice: don't stress about growing your hair for the wedding.. with all the stress and preparations when you get closer to the date, long hair falls out easier and is more difficult to maintain , even on your honeymoon. there are so many hair accessories /extensions etc now  to allow nice hair do's for the wedding!


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