My “No Poo” Hair Care Routine | 5 Years No Poo


For the past 5 years I’ve used the “no poo” method on my hair. This is my “no poo” hair care routine that I use every day to get soft shiny hair!

No Poo FAQ video:

Wooden hairbrush:

Rose water:

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  1. I stopped using shampoo a month ago..i used fermented rice water..nah it didnt work for me and chick pea flour too…. I'm afraid of baking soda soo i used just diluted lemon water for washing…everytime the day i shower my hair looks waxy and greasy but the rest of the week it looks voluminous wavy healthy shiny…and also dirty… Sometimes…with all the dandruff in the transition phase ..i never had dandruff before. But occassional if i did have it my hair will shed like anything but surprisingly with all the dirt and dandruff im not losing any hair. I wilk have to wait few months and i wont back off….im not losing any hair….and its looking healthy so im happy with my decision

  2. Shampoo has sulphate And other toxic chemicals which cause hair loss, inflamed scalp and dandruff. Your natural hair oils are the best. Freezing cold water, coconut oil and lavender water is essential. It'll work beautiful going natural. Stunning hair!!! Very pretty.

  3. So are all you ladies ok with her showing as much skin as legally possible?

    I personally find it immodest.. I'm wanting to hear and see hair not some half naked girl on YouTube.. It's not appropriate for young viewers and not something I want to watch around my boy and husband..

    I hope other women understand.

  4. I only wash my hair once a week sometimes once every two weeks but I use my wooden brush to stimulate my scalp quite often. My hair is super super thick and past my butt in length. It’s also very similar to yours in waviness but maybe just a little bit less wavy. It has gotten soooo much more healthy since I stopped washing it but once a week. I never used heat or dyes or products etc etc on my hair so I don’t do that now either. I love my bamboo brush but I’m thinking of getting a boar bristle brush just to distribute oil and still use my wooden one for tangles and scalp stimulation.

  5. I did this for a year and a half at first it was really greasy for weeks and then it was like my hair had mousse in it and it looked thicker but then it got dryer and dryer and then a build up of dust and dirt which came out in my brushes and extra brushing im sure was damaging my hair and it looked like i was a cave women the ends where getting straggly like it was getting really easily damaged. Ive wavy bra strap length hair. My hair never felt so good when i finally washed it. I think it does do your hair some good washing it because theres stuff in the shampoo and conditioners that protect and keep moisture inside your hair but to not choose ones with too much chemicals in them. Thats my experience with this method anyways


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